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The Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BAM Frog, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Some of you need to rethink this idea that these 16-18 year old kids are naive. They are not.
    In this day of social media they possess an awareness beyond their years.
    However, their maturity is not even up to their age
    and they don't always get mature advice or direction from their parents.
    Quit blowing smoke up their skirts. These kids just laugh at how adults fawn over them.
    How about Mack coming clean and tell us what this whole deal was about. 
    He wanted to be an aggie. Some stuff happened. He became disappointed with the situation.
    He got caught up in the hype. It ends tomorrow.
    TCU has some great student athletes committed. And in a year or two we will be singing their praises.
    So let's make them feel like we're glad to have them.
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  2. My thoughts exactly.
  3. See Fields, Pachall, and B Carter
    I haven't been on Oregon's campus, but I've been to Nike's campus. It's a ton to be in awe about. It's hard to not accept all the glitz and glamour that Oregon offers (apparel wise) via Nike, as a teenager/early twentys. 
    Hope he picks up nonetheless, cause I know he'd be a perfect fit. Best wishes. 
  6. Too bad.  Good luck out there, Jonah.  I hope to see you on the field against TCU in a big bowl game.
  7. The projected top 2 ranking next year is really flipping those big targets. I don't get it.
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  8. Interestingly, it's solidifying the next class.....I would have thought '15 would end with a bang! But, we do have 24 great players, just no major splash.....
  9. Assuming you want both Mack and English, and you get neither (with English choosing KState or SMU) how can you say that was an (edit) "extremely well" handled situation?
  10. Nothing on his Twitter yet.
  11. No Moi? I can't take it any Moi.
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    who the hell are "all-world" talents on this list?
    i didnt list J.J. Watt.
    how many of those guys did ANYTHING IN COLLEGE??  I dont give a crap about their NFL careers.
  13. Personally, I'd rather know upfront if a new kid is coming. I don't like hat shenanigans. Tomorrow, while I'm working, if I hear he chose us I'll likely think, "Cool." If he goes with aggie I'll just keep on keepin' on.
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    Mostly agree. The partner next to my office is an Aggie. I may unplug his computer while he is at lunch, but otherwise, nothing else. 
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  15. Be sure to tip your waitress.............
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  16. Good luck Moi! We were glad to have you on campus and in the Fort. 
    Night Fellas. With or Without Mack, I am anxious for kickoff. 
  17. You might be right about this but the posts by JP, Hunter Baird and some others are embarrassing. The kid isn't going to be picking us, which sucks, but what a [ hundin] way to react.
  18. First of all, that is a big assumption.  I think that you are thinking about Mack and English as interchangeable.  They are not the same caliber athlete.  My macro view on recruiting is to get the highest level of talent that you can each year, no matter the position.  Some years may be heavy in certain positions, some may be light.  The DT position is loaded in 2016.  We already have Marshall committed and are in serious contention for four other stud DTs.  If a team makes a mistake in an evaluation, they are stuck with that player (occupies a precious scholarship) for four years.  We have all heard GP mention this.  To answer your question, the coaches went after the best talent available and I will never fault them for that.  That is what they are suppose to do.  They did everything in their power to convince the kid and we are in his final two.  Yes, it appears that we are on the outside looking in but we were in contention. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, that's recruiting.  Assuming we don't get Mack, I would rather fill another more pressing need.  We have Joe Broadnax this year and think we could take three really solid DTs in 2016.
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