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The Disappearance of Amon G. Carter's Home Field Advantage and Ways to Fix It.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. To be fair, I have seen the same behavior from a few of our own fans.
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  2. Yep. There is no such thing as a smallish private school college football program that wins half their games and draws good crowds. TCU, Baylor, Northwestern, Vandy, Duke, Stanford, Wake Forest......every single one struggles with attendance and will struggle with attendance unless they have good teams. No amount of ticket sales tricks or smoke and mirrors will change that.
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  3. It seems to me, though, that you admit that we don't have enough fans to fill all of our seats. Which would mean that those opposing fans will just be in different seats. To me that is just rearranging chairs; it doesn't really change the atmosphere. Is it 2% louder if our fans are slightly closer to the field? Sure, but who cares.

    I feel like you are mostly upset about which seats those fans are in. That is a function of (largely) big money donors selling the seats they were given because of those donations.

    Look, I'd love it if seats were allocated by "fandom" but they're not, and won't be.
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  4. googled this pic from the 2006 Tech game from the old stadium just for contrast. Yes there were between 7-8k tech fans there, however you can see they were clustered in the visitors section, end zones, and upper deck. Frogs were solid purple in prime lower bowl west side and the old student section.


    Compare that to this shot of the Texas game this year, where there are solid pockets of visitors directly behind our home bench.


    Probably close to the same % of frog vs visitor fans in the stadium, however completely different looks. this is where the problems lie.

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  5. Any pictorial analysis of red and purple is suspect unless one controls for shadows. Duh....
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  6. Just buy the tickets you want from StubHub. It's not that hard. If there is demand by TCU fans to sit in better seats, then spend the money and get those seats. Quit complaining about it. Meanwhile buy whatever season tickets you can get from TCU to keep accruing points. You can get the seats you want, be it for select games, or for the entire season, from StubHub. If you can sell your crummy seats, then go ahead. If not, take the loss. You're still supporting TCU, and still earning points.

    The only reason TCU fans aren't sitting in the seats you complain about it because, well, there aren't enough TCU fans.

    DubaiFrog, I was at that game. There were MANY Tech fans there, but it is hard to discern the purple from the red in the blended sections. That pic doesn't reflect the reality. I remember quite a few Tech chest-thumpers posting their own pics, showing what looked like a majority ot Tech fans. I don't think they outnumbered us, but it was pretty close. The East Side, North End Zone, and the Upper Deck were definitely majority red.
  7. The two worst experiences I've ever had at a sporting event were both caused by TCU fans. One was at the 2015 TCU Baylor game... totally bizarre situation. And the other was at the Big 12 CCG against OU. Granted it was a Tshirt TCU fan, but it was also pretty absurd
  8. Win so darn much that the Frogs are a seriously hot ticket. Demand so high that those seats can be negotiated for change.




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  9. Of course. And if a TCU fan sits in an opponents section at their stadium and makes a butt of himself he should be tossed or have his ass kicked.
  10. I know some won't agree with this, but I want more agressive/behavior minded fans.
    I want the place so filled with a feeling of impending doom for visitors that they [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] their pants and need therapy when they get home.
  11. Welcome to the off-season
  12. That TECH game in 2006... that was a HOT day! Marvin White knocked the dog isht out of that TECH receiver!

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  13. sec. 236 represent!
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  14. The only reason TCU fans aren't sitting in the seats you complain about it because, well, there aren't enough TCU fans.

    This is wrong. We got "moved" out of our west side seats, which we had for 25+ years due to as someone noted, not being a loyal enough fan to write a large check to the athletic department. I have tried to relocate our six seat to the west side every year. There are not even four seats together, much less 6. Yet, most games I look across the field to where the old seats were and see them either vacant, or with with fan donned in orange or red.
    There are plenty of TCU fans, not all have an unlimited entertainment budget. But even if they did, those seat are not becoming available for upgrades.

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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Yeah, outside of 84 and after the ncaa hammer dropped there wasn't much of a home field advantage under Wacker. There were numerous games with around 20k in attendance.
  17. scheiss the offseason
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  18. I read and was curious if I drunkenly wrote that. Turns out I have someone living the same life with the same dilemma. Houston fan who loves supporting the program, two young kids, and regularly gives tickets away to keep Frogs butts in the seats. It is getting harder and harder for me to justify paying for my tickets, but with two young boys I am afraid of giving them away too early and losing my priority spot, which as some have mentioned means next to nothing with competing with BMDs. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I married into a bunch of Cajuns and that product down in Baton Rouge is becoming much more fun to be involved with.

    I truly do not know where the fix is, aside from TCU just conceding to minimal revenue. I come here and the other TCU sites and can't even sell my tickets for higher profile games for face or less. The only time people take them is when I give them away, which is often. I have said this on other threads but I truly believe it is much more of the obvious numbers and demographic issues. We don't have the alumni base when compared to our stadium size. The easiest fix to me is adding seats to the west side lower bowl, but I do not believe there are thousands of TCU fans who would jump at season tickets if some of the BMD's seats were relinquished and available, unless of course they are next to free.
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  19. I've always liked you as a poster and you've been extremely kind to me in the past, but with all due respect, I think you are way, way off here.

    To your first point of "It's not that hard. If there is demand by TCU fans to sit in better seats, then spend the money and get those seats."
    • Your premise is a little silly. Of course there's demand from TCU fans to sit in better seats. The obvious problem is that those better seats simply aren't available.
    • It is my assumption that if someone was willing to stroke TCU a check worth tens of thousands of dollars, there may be some better seats that mysteriously become available that weren't otherwise available through the upgrade process. It would be dumb of TCU not to hold back a certain number of premium seats that are only made available to donors that want to cut the line with big donations. I have no proof that this actually happens, but it wouldn't surprise me if it did.
    • Outside of a situation like that, the opportunity to upgrade to better seats is extremely limited, even for fans with relatively high priority point totals that have bought season tickets for years and donated lots of money. And it's not because all the "good" seats are controlled by TCU fans that use them. If that was the case, this entire thread wouldn't have even been necessary to start. The main problem which you continue to brush off and overlook is this: Many of our stadium's best seats, especially on the East Side, are controlled by people that only intend to resell them on stubhub. Until something is done by TCU to dissuade them from doing this, these seats will never be released, and they will never be made available to TCU season ticket holders.
    This brings me to your next point: "The only reason TCU fans aren't sitting in the seats you complain about is because, well, there aren't enough TCU fans."
    • Come on man...this couldn't be further from the truth. There are more than enough TCU fans and season ticket holders to regularly occupy our stadium's best seats. And they'd be fully willing to pay a premium for those better seats. The problem is that a majority of our season ticket holders simply don't have access to them, and until something changes, they never will.
    • That is my entire argument and premise. Stop letting premium seats be controlled for the sole purpose of being resold on stubhub for every single game. Instead, get them in the hands of season ticket holders that will actually sit in them!
    THE END!
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