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Texas Week is Here, Yet Our AD is still a [ muschi ]

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Woke Frog, May 2, 2021.

  1. We have players tweeting and begging fans to pack the house this weekend, but our spineless AD is still limiting capacity and banning tailgating, still without any valid excuse, other than a disingenuous, false veil of “safety.”

    Such a joke. Especially when you think about how much this dip [ #2020 ] is being paid.

    When will our fan base hold him accountable?
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  2. “We” (looking at you) have never done a darn thing to even attempt to hold anyone accountable.

    except @tcumaniac , who is the only one in here who has done anything other than feckless bellyaching in an echo chamber.
  3. Do you often talk to yourself?

    Oh. Who am I kidding, that’s the most normal thing you do.

    Edit- There’s a filter for “[ #2020 ]”?
  4. I feel like he had a similar reaction to Shark Week, which was very disappointing. I think even the sharks knew it was lackluster.
  5. As has been said numerous times here, there is the official policy (which I disagree with) and there is what we are actually doing, which is sell to all who show up. So show up in force this weekend. I will be there Sunday.
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  6. First I’ve seen this shared
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  7. Vaginal slice born born?
  8. So you actually think that Woke Frog and TCUManiac aren't the same person?
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  9. You're a piece of work.

    It is not the AD's call.

    TCU wishes to err on the side of caution.

    You want to get Covid and bring it home to your family, go to a gun show.

    Seriously, quit beating the angry man drum.
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  10. Hoplophobic, IMO.
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  11. It’s weird that you picked “gun show” instead of “BLM/Antifa protest/riot.”
  12. I don’t think you found that weird at all
  13. I like that they limit seating but the ones who do get in can all pack the GA hill. Science!
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  14. Chances are: There will be more burnt orange behind homeplate than purple
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  15. No more than 20% of any population, anywhere in the world, has contracted Covid19 and become ill. (And, they never were going to.) Go all the way back to the Diamond Princess cruise liner bobbing around in the ocean for weeks.(remember that?). We had the perfect test lab to understand what was going to happen. This never was a Novel virus. But, fear, ignorance, politics and evil took us over.
  16. I have no idea who the hell is ultimately in charge of our capacity, but I would love to know the difference between what goes on behind the scenes with the decision makers at TCU compared to the schools that have fully opened up. I imagine we have some kind health consultants that are making best practice suggestions, and our leaders, including our AD, are too cowardice to do anything but submit.
  17. This has been the case so far this season. Anecdotally, it seems that no one that has shown up to the ticket office day of the game and been denied a GA ticket.

    However, with the substantial increase in demand for this weekend relative to all prior weekends, I wouldn't be surprised if GA sales are cut off unless you get to the games very early.

    Another policy that isn't being officially advertised is what ATO mentioned in another thread last night saying that anyone that calls this week and can be verified as a TCU Frog Club member or Football/Baseball season ticket holder will be sold GA tickets.

    I would appreciate the heart behind this policy (limiting the ability for UT fans to get tickets) if it weren't for the fact half our reserved seats will still be ziptied and people are going to be packed like sardines in the GA areas.
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  18. Since it was brought up on this board, LSU fans apparently didn't know they were at 100% capacity.

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  19. sounds like there is only one thing to be done to address this matter:

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  20. Could also be b/c they're 7-14 in conference? LSU fans may have turned on the team already.
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