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Texas vs TCU Baseball Game 1

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by flyfishingfrog, May 7, 2021.

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    Come on down to 103 tomorrow(today). We'll claim the front row.
  2. Where the scheiss is Green? It’s not really our pitching that did us in last night, but sure would have preferred him in the 7th and 8th when it was tied
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  3. Because of a couple quick outs at the end.
  4. Texas' UCLAesque delaying tactics at the plate didn't help things.
  5. UT CF and RF made two incredible catches last night that saved 4 runs.

    Diving fingertip catch heading into left field stranded two runs, and the robbed home run cost two more runs as that catch also ended the inning.

    They miss one of those two and we get the W.

    Not to mention our CF losing the ball off the bat in the 4th or 5th. Can’t remember. We also missed a double play when first almost over threw second. Think that resulted in a score. Need to clean that up.
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  6. The officiating on a couple of the replays was wrong. Texas lost a couple of runs on one blown call on first in particular.
  7. TCU students in the TCU student section were an embarrassment. They were throwing beers and other items and constantly shouting obscenities. They all should have been escorted out of the stadium. Any alum would have been embarrassed for the school by their actions.
  8. Was that the back judge or referee who missed the call?
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  9. There is no control at TCU baseball games. The crowd controls what happens in the stands. Sit anywhere you like and be prepared to hold your ground against the student invasion!
  10. Correct. They should not throw beer.
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  11. Frogs and Schlossnagle have struggled against elite teams and coaches all season long. Friday night's loss was another example. It's tough on Schlossnagle because he's a coach that likes to stand in the dugout and hope good things happen instead of having to strategize and produce runs in creative ways, and in close games against top teams this season that hasn't always happened. The massive number of TCU runners left on base and Frogs wins by walks, passed balls, errors by opposing teams are examples.
  12. Somebody has a case of the Monday’s.
  13. While all of this may well be true, doesn't everyone struggle against elite teams? That's why those teams are elite. We've had plenty of games go our way over the years against elite competition but you're always going to lose many of those games too.

    As I've said many times, I'm no baseball expert so I can't speak to any specific tactical decisions that Schloss makes but my guess is that he's probably not perfect so I understand that. He's also maybe the most successful coach we've ever had at TCU in any sport so I'll certainly live with whatever imperfections he may have in his style and philosophy.
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  14. No just a stupid umpire. Smartass
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  15. True. Reminded me of the days of visiting Boulder and all the stoned urine throwing students from CU.
  16. I am surprised nobody on this board has been able to get the scoop on Green. He is not even warming up at any time. Texas can see he is not available. It is like he quit. In any case, we had plenty of chances to score more runs yesterday. The catch on Socco's hit was a killer. Plus, the UT closer they brought in with 2 on and nobody out in the 9th was fantastic. 2 Ks and a pop-up. I doubt we will ever score a run against him. Plus, their starters go 6. Ours seem to only go 4. We need someone to step up and play a great game today.
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  17. Aww, thanks!
  18. I think you are right in a lot of respects with this take. And I think it comes down to what the expectations are of the head coach of a very strong college baseball program. As with any coach (Guy Lewis, Bum Phillips to name just a couple from
    H-town), sometimes there’s a quirk or allegiance to a philosophy or blind spot that is difficult or near impossible to overcome that makes it difficult to ascend to the pinnacle. I have no issue stating that I believe that strategic, in-game decisions are not CJS forte while also stating that I seriously doubt I’d trade for any other head coach. And, he makes it very clear that BM “runs” the offense. Sounds familiar to an extent.
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  19. Buck tooth Bill had a good night on the mound and they made some hellacious plays in the outfield that won the game. We’ll beat their a&$! The next two games.


  20. they shouldn't be shooting obscenities either. Games should be fun for families, visitors, newbs, players families, everyone.

    you can heckle and rag on the other team without it being offensive.
    (and I say that as someone who curses like a sailor)
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