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Texas vs TCU Baseball Game 1

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by flyfishingfrog, May 7, 2021.

  1. On a positive note: fans in the stands at Lupton for one helluva regular season game. Result aside I really enjoyed that game
  2. We win if Wood has those at bats?
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  3. For anyone at the game, what was everyone looking at during that last pitching change?
  4. Yes
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  5. Weird teeth for sure
  6. Woulda coulda shoulda. We were just a play here or there from winning.
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  7. But I’m not sure Wood triples. Thinking Wood may have prevented a run though on D.
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  8. If Green is injured or otherwise unavailable then we’re doing almost exactly what we need to be doing with our pen with the exception of getting MP more action IMO
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  9. I figured we'd probably either win or lose depending on how well we did at scoring runs and stopping them for scoring. Looks like I was right.
  10. What’s your opinion for tomorrow’s game? Same?
  11. How many pitches did Russ have?? 76. Woulda liked to see 1 more inning at least outta him...not sure why he was pulled. But I agree...SINCE Green is hurt the pen wasn't handled that bad tonight.
  12. Not the last pitching exchange, but there was a big controversy in the student section. A single UT fan was up there causing a scene and people were booing at him and he eventually got escorted out which led to everyone erupting in cheers.
  13. Not sure yet. I'll have to get to the stadium tomorrow and see the look in all the players' eyes first and measure the fire in their belly. Then I'll have a better idea of how important runs scored will be.
  14. Man. What a scheissing blast tonight was. Lupton was absolutely rocking. After dealing with covid BS for over a year, tonight was one of the most incredible experiences ever.

    What a shame it is that we couldn’t pull out a victory. Adding another memory to Lupton magic felt inevitable. To not at least tie the game with two on and no outs just feels downright unacceptable. Such a bitter sweet night.
  15. He seemed a touch off. What is up w/ Green?
  16. So what was the seating situation tonight? Was the open reserved seats basically GA?
  17. Great atmosphere. Horrible result. I hate Texas. I hate the view from RF, especially seeing my section almost completely empty. A couple of plays here or there and we win. I blame this on the PA announcers. Regular guy out. This guy kept mispronouncing New Nez. Have you never met a Hispanic person before? Pronounce his name right and he hits a 3 run HR and everyone is happy. I'm going to bitterly cling to my guns and religion til morning. Serious antipathy to all those who don't wear purple. I also blame @steelfrog. I don't know why. I don't need a reason. I love you all. Well, most of you anyway.
  18. There was a Texas batter called out for no apparent reason. 7th inning maybe? What was that about? Texas did not argue it either.
  19. What was going on in the student section? It looked like there were a couple of people in orange (that's enough reason) getting rousted by security and everyone was cheering when they did? Hard to tell from RF. Loved the atmosphere the students brought.
  20. No reason to be sitting in right field. All seats were unziptied and free reign.
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