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TCU vs USC @ Dickies Arena

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Part of it was Des being in foul trouble. He can't let that happen. It's not a matter of playing hard, it's a matter of playing smart.

    One of the biggest things players have to learn is their role and their importance to the team. In football, QBs run out of bounds to avoid a hit, not because they aren't playing hard. They do it because they know their value to the team. Their team needs them on the field.

    Same thing with Des. His team needs him on the floor.
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  2. Very valid point

    he definitely channeled his inner Reagor last night - when he didn’t have the ball he was not very effective a lot of the time
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  3. 8, don't shoot the messenger, I'm not 247Sports, ranking recruits.
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  4. Skip, you would think that he understands that, but maybe not.
  5. Have HATED our floor/lighting ever since the remodel.
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  6. Completely agree
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  7. I don't that it is a matter of understanding or not. He's a smart kid.

    It's more of a mindset. This is the first year that he is the lead dog. He's always played a complimentary role before. There's a learning curve there. It's a more natural transition for some than others.

    Like I said last night, I think this is a positive for the team going forward. They know they can compete without Des playing his best. When Des gets going, the Frogs will be pretty good.

    I'll say it again, this team is going to be a lot better in March than they are currently. Still trying to get all the pieces in place.
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  8. And you would be very smart.

    I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in recruiting rankings after the top 10 or so players.

    The 'Star' ranking is a joke. It's the most inaccurate and inefficient way to do it by far. They are meant to create interest and sell subscriptions. What does being a 4* mean anyway?
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    Let me add something to this because it's a pretty touchy subject with me.

    The main reason the rankings are inaccurate and inefficient is because college coaches and scouts evaluate players and project them going forward. "Recruiting Analysts" rank players on what they are currently seeing.

    Not only that, but the recruiting analyst depend on things that are irrelevant. Too much emphasis is put on exposure, which AAU team they play for, how well their AAU coaches/handlers promote them, etc.

    Again, recruiting rankings are fine as a conversation piece but that's about it. The recruiting services know fans are desperate for information and they fill that need. The downside is, they supply fan bases with expectations that may or may not be valid.

    Fans usually think of things in 'best case scenario' when it comes to their team and the players that they sign. Unfortunately, that leads to a lot of disappointment.
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  10. Yep, I can remember when Fisher signed, we were ecstatic.
  11. Well, people usually have a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]e fit if you don’t narrow things down to TCU. But okay.

    Billy Tubbs 641-340, .530
    Jamie Dixon 400-164, .709 (not including this year)

    Billy Tubbs 18-12 NCAA
    Jamie Dixon 12-12 in fewer years
  12. You should have been. He was a good signing.
  13. He would've been a great player if he'd been able to stay on the floor.
  14. If he had stayed and played, the Frogs would have gone to the dance again
  15. your math for tubbs isn't right. he has a .653 winning percentage as a head coach and i think factoring in the record in the ncaa's i thin he has a very comparable pedigree to jamie
  16. A 100% healthy Fish would be our best player no question.
  17. No doubt about it. Last year's team could have made it to the second weekend if he had played.

    Looking at your comment from a wider view, it just shows where the program has come in the last 5 years.
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  18. skip, your thoughts on the frogs upcoming game against xavier

    i watched part of their game today versus cincinnati and they looked like this is going to be an interesting game
  19. So are we just comparing time at TCU? Or overall careers.
  20. It's going to be a tough game. But, it's also an opportunity for a possible Quad 1 win.

    They are a typical Xavier team. They have a lot of experience. They are really good defensively and on the glass.

    It will be a game about toughness. Frogs gotta match theirs.

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