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TCU vs USC @ Dickies Arena

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. As expected, very sparse crowd.

    It’s a bummer TCU and Fort Worth weren’t able to provide a more reasonably priced ticket for this.

    This is my first time at Dickies. Very impressive building.
  2. How would you - briefly - compare it to the AAC?
  3. Okongwu could present a problem
  4. Same level of quality maybe a little nicer because it’s a lot smaller
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  5. Jumbotron looks huge on TV. I love the lighting compared to the Scholl. It’s probably just the contrast with the floor.
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  6. It’s a beautiful arena
  7. Super nice facility! Froglaw hammered already!
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  8. I completely agree that this was a blown opportunity on pricing. I have no idea where there expectations came from since there were hardly any people at the game at Staples last year.
  9. The more I watch us play the more I’m convinced we could really use K Davis.
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  10. Why is Bello so afraid to shoot?
  11. We look a little out gunned so far
  12. My opinion..... he isn’t very good at it.
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  13. We’re definitely outsized and out athleted in this one.
  14. USC height giving us trouble. Arena is very nice
  15. We have a hard enough time scoring without missing lay ups
  16. Take that back. USC height is killing us.
  17. We look real overmatched and very much out of sorts right now. A probable preview of quite a few of our conference games.
  18. Our point guard play is......
  19. This is not pretty.

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