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TCU vs USC @ Dickies Arena

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. thanks for the info, they looked to have a couple of athletic bigs that could pose a problem
  2. I transposed a 5 for the 6, my mistake.
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  3. See above.
  4. Skip when we going to start shooting above 30% from 3? Still can’t believe we are this bad of a shooting team
  5. LOL. The Frogs are shooting above 30% from 3.

    Frogs are 34th in the country in 3 pointers made (9.3/gm) and 107th in percentage (34.1).

    I get where your coming from though. I think it will get better because Smith hasn't shot the ball well yet and he's a good shooter. PJ and Bello will get better as well.
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  6. bane and grayer are lifting that number over 30%. you take them out and the rest of the team is shooting well below 30% which is concerning baseball upon the number of threes taken by the rest of the team

    hope rj can find the shooting touch he started to show prior to the injury.
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  7. All three freshmen need to contribute quite a bit more than they are if this team is gonna avoid the Big 12 cellar.
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  8. Not great though considering they made 18 3’s and shot 48% in one of their games
  9. And now the offensive woes are so bad that it’s impacting other sports. God help us.
  10. Dammit Cumbie
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  11. If we would just hire Chad Morris we’d immediately start scoring 35+ a game while hitting way more three pointers and homeruns. It’s really a no brainer.
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  12. But can he teach us to bunt for base hits?
  13. maybe so, but when rj is shooting below 40% overall from the floor and dennis is in that area as well and these are two of the primary ball handlers in the half court offense it is a bit of concern.

    especially when you consider the only two teams the frogs have faced that i think is at the level of physical talent and size they have faced are usc and clemson and i would think either would finish in the top half of the big 12
  14. I am not that impressed with what I am seeing so far in the big 12 this year.
  15. i don't think it is as deep as last year, but i do believe the quality is better than what tcu has seen in none conference and the challenge will be which teams get better over the course of the season
  16. Of course. But I don’t see a single team that is unbeatable. As discouraged as I was to see our deficit, our playing to get back in the game was great. Smith looks like he may be coming into his own. We looked fine without Bane. Get the W at home over Xavier
  17. i agree the xavier game is a big opportunity and i think will give us better gauge of where this team really is going into conference play

    first two games in conference are interesting as well. iowa state has a couple of nice wins, but replaced a great deal of scoring and i think are in a similar transition situation as the frogs

    kansas state at manhattan looks like it could be a winnable game on the road
  18. I'll be fully onboard the bandwagon if we win these next three games!
  19. the xavier game would be a very, very nice win. someone told me sagarin has them rated in or around 30 so they are easily the highest rated team on the frogs non-conference schedule until they go to arkansas

    conversely, winthrop and lamar shouldn't be close .
  20. Texas did not impress me today.

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