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TCU vs USC @ Dickies Arena

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. I think USC had about a 14 minute stretch in the first half where they didn't attempt a shot from outside the restricted area.

    Then in the second half the younger white ref decided that jumping, standing, and running would all be illegal for TCU defensively.

    If this team is going to have any chance to win more than 2-3 games in the conference then we're either going to have to play much better defense or start making more 3s. I'm not sure how likely either of those things are. I wish Bane would just start taking 20-25 shots every game but for whatever reason he continues to disappear for long stretches.
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  2. Agreed. Playing rotation is not where it needs to be or will be.

    I think there were a lot of positives to take from the game.

    Obviously, the effort in the 2nd half was really good. Also, good to see Smith play like he did. I hope tonight becomes the standard for how he plays going forward. He needs to be on the floor because he gives the Frogs- scoring, rebounding, assists, and steals, and some size.

    The biggest takeaway for me though is this team learned they can play well when the opponent takes Des out of the game. Unfortunately, it took them until the 2nd half to realize it.
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  3. #2 gave the big 12 teams the play book on Bane. Deny the pass on the perimeter to Bane and he is rendered pretty ineffective. He wasn’t able to create his own shot against that guy all night. Without that, we are going to struggle.
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  4. We were uninspired the 1st. half for whatever reason and it cost us the game.
    Sure Samuel missed the free throw but should it have come down to that? He is only hitting 28% at the line. incredible.

    USC is extremely talented, way more than we are with 4, 4* players and 2, 5* (247Sports) on the team. Jamie is working his ass off. We are not even close to USC's overall talent, but there we were with the chance to win, being down 18 pts. Per 247Sports, we have 2, 4*. He's on his way to developing a ragtag team into a contender and it will show up next year, but this year is going to be with huge growing pains, but the future looks good.
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  5. I wouldnt say too far off. We have. Talented players. Their bigs are good though. We have alot of 4 stars
  6. Ten times better than Tubbs?
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  7. #2 torched Bane the whole game for 20 pts At the end Smith picks him on D and his first move Smith steals ball. Farabello runs the sets much better than Dennis. Dennis has great energy and can score So your right still work to be done on rotations
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  8. I wish I could be as positive as you about the team. Maybe I'm just beat down from football season.
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  9. I don't think there's any "book" on taking Bane out of the game. It happens so frequently that I think it's just a natural part of our offense at this point.
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  10. Not 10 times, but Jamie .637 to Tubbs .622. Jamie B12, Tubbs CUSA and WAC, Jamie 1 NCAA and NITs (with one NIT Champ) in 4 years, Tubbs 1 NCAA, 2 NITs in 8 years.
  11. I'm not buying this at all. These recruiting rankings you reference were true last year too and we beat these guys by 40. Regardless of recruit rankings we just don't seem to have enough guys who can knock down shots and we're still highly inconsistent on defense. I don't think either of those things have much to do with the difference in recruiting stars.
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  12. what was the old joke about who was the only man to hold michael jordan to under 20 points?

    with des the first answer is des and from there i guess it is split between this offense and his teammates

    the shots per minutes for some of his teammates struggling to shoot 40% from the floor and 30% from three is a bit imbalanced to me compared to the shots taken by bane and grayer
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  13. wouldn't coaching pedigree cover their entire careers as head coaches and not just their time at tcu?
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  14. Well country, not agreeing or really disagreeing - rankings are rankings, take them or leave them.
  15. I'll leave them
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  16. correct me if i am wrong, but are these the same rankings that had archie as one of the most highly regarded recruits in tcu basketball history and then we have an insider so to speak tell us archie transferred because he wasn't skilled enough to play at this level.

    talent is important as is height and skills such as shooting
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  17. Remember that the Frogs have been predicted to finish in last place....
  18. nowhere to go but up!
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  19. I think the projections were more based on the fact that we had basically a completely new team and there was absolutely no way for anyone to really be able to project anything. So we became 10th by default. We may well finish 10th. We shall see. I was hoping for better but my hope is gradually fading.

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