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TCU vs texas game 3

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bmoney214, May 9, 2021.

  1. The only question left now is do we get run-ruled?
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  2. Yes.
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  3. Humiliating.
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  4. There’s no sign of that at all. By anyone. I’d use this pitching change to put Byrne behind the plate and start planning pinch hitters for the B6
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  5. Wright is in. This is us waving the white flag.
  6. This scheissing sucks.
  7. Looks like I picked a bad week to give up drinking.
  8. They came to play today. We didn’t.
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  9. What happened to our pitching staff? Supposedly we have the best pitching coach in the nation. Yankees want him. And yet we have very few pitchers that can get outs consistently. We have all these 94-98 mph arms and yet, they can’t pitch. Texas throws a kid that is 86-87 and he is whipping our tail. Let’s recruit kids that can pitch.
  10. Win lose or draw this umpire needs to be fired
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  11. We haven’t looked strong since the Saturday of the Kansas series. WVU gifted us a lot and we could load up against a weak hitting team. Gotta have both O and D going and today we had neither.
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  12. A novel idea, can’t believe we hadn’t thought of it before today
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  13. 9-0 Texas. Bases loaded. One out in the top of the 6.
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  14. Whorn wasn’t looking for that 0-2 hanging breaker over the heart of the plate.
  15. Not gonna win many series getting outhit 32-17. Can happen...but rarely
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  16. Need to pull a Tech and cancel ULM series.
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  17. UT dugout: "Don't score anymore, so we can torture them for 9 full innings!"
  18. I think Sikes needs to return to the 7 hole. Most order changes haven’t worked out that well lately.
  19. Major bummer.

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