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TCU vs Kansas State Big Xii tourney thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by berryfrog95, Mar 14, 2019 at 1:50 PM.

  1. Impossible.
  2. I have no problem with seeding Big12 teams in the conference championship tourney and letting the tourney decide the conference champion.
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    Your aware that Jalen spent a significant portion of his career hurt right?...

    Edit: I’ll add that yes a healthy Jalen would sucked more minutes no doubt. You are correct. My statement was made under the assumption we all New he was playing injured and as I stated, while he would have made us better but I still think we finish where we finished.
  4. Do you think think that’s the roster we had before the injuries and transfers?
  5. They basically had the same rest and TTU isn't missing their best player.
  6. Helluva game by WVU. They nutted up and won.
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  7. Beard sucks at coaching.
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  8. NIT was perfect for our “non-basketball school” that was emerging from nearly two decades of irrelevance.

    Never again will it be anything other than a disappointment, no matter how far we could theoretically go.

    We are, or at least are trying to become a program that expects to compete for conference championships and make deep runs in the tournament. Hell, we were expected to compete for a conference championship this season.

    As long as Jamie is our coach, anything less than a tournament appearance is a complete failure of a season.
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  9. It’s Jaylen EER’body !!
  10. Tired of the excuses. West Virginia beat Tech - a much better team than Kstate. WVU’s bench played 4, 4, 12 and 9 minutes. Our bench had 22 and 19 minutes. The fact is we turned the ball over way too much and failed to rebound. I’m don’t doubt they were tired, but I am going to guess WVU was tired too. WVU executed when needed. We didn’t. And if we were too tired to prove we deserved an NCAA tournament bid, then we deserve to be in the NIT where we won’t have to play back to back days.
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  11. Possibly one of the worst posts ever.
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    Yep considering some of my outlandish posts.
  13. I agree with the last sentence. You don’t pay a coach what we are paying him to not finish among the Top 68. Making deep runs in the tournament is such a crapshoot though, and very few teams actually do it on anywhere close to a regular basis.
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  14. I don't think you have to play B2B days in the NCAA either
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  15. Possibly
  16. Yes....
  17. It was an improvement....
  18. What is your school’s coach paid?
  19. You’re right. I’m not very experienced in this basketball tournament stuff. Lol.
  20. Thair is hondreds worst posts than this won … jus weighting for Froggish to spelt the worred " than " corectly won day.

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