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TCU vs Kansas State Big Xii tourney thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by berryfrog95, Mar 14, 2019 at 1:50 PM.

  1. Let’s go three in a row!

    Go Frogs!!

    Drop those crypto details in here.
  2. No Dean Wade for KSU. Let's steal one today fellas
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  3. Win by 10...what say you guys?
  4. TCU currently +4 opened at +4.5

    TCU now 221st in turnovers per offensive possession and last night was typical, especially the 2nd half. Can Dixon settled Robinson down? Will be huge if he could.
  5. Horrendous start. I can't watch this anymore. Wake me up on Selection Sunday
  6. We’re up 11-5
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  7. The hell?
  8. That’s a charge
  9. Frogs 3 of 3 from 3
  10. Not sure how much more stationary he could be.
  11. Our rebounding sucks so far
  12. That’s a charge? These refs are a joke
  13. Some strange foul calls.
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  14. horse [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] officiating continues
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  15. Lots of missed opportunities early for the frogs

    And already at 6 fouls. Ugh.
  16. Anyone else find it humorous that Kansas State's player named Diarrhea is #2. I'll show myself out.
  17. 13-5 12:50 1H

    Timeout KSU
  18. We've slowed the game down. Looks like Dixon was reading my posts last night.

    I feel like playing too fast is part of why we turn the ball over so much. Slow down and get things under control, also helps save us stamina wise(especially in a tournament format with no off days). You need a good ball handling PG to play fast and we don't have one
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