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TCU @ OU Game Thread (Nov 23, 2019)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. My god at that whiff by 78
  2. LT didn't even TRY to stop the blitz.,
  3. Where ya at #68? The darn was that?
  4. Give up play.
  5. Duggan hits Sewo on the option. Not a 1st down. Punt time.
  6. I like the call on 3rd and 8. Keeps the clock running.
  7. Short side option. I knew Schultz was secretly back calling plays.
  8. Way to pick up the rush 68
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  9. Embarrassing game tonight. I hope we bounce back next week.
  10. Sandy punts it out of bounds at the 30-yard line.
  11. We are overmatched because we didn’t show to play.
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  12. Can't believe I drove 3 hours for this [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ]. Total yards are 213 to 17.
  13. So if Max get hurt in this one because of this poor excuse of an OL...That’s going to piss me off.
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  14. This entire team. Top to bottom. Just straight pathetic. My dog can punt the ball farther than that.
  15. Unreal.
  16. Baylor had some horrible uniforms today.
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  17. Great 3rd and 8 call coach. Qb option to the short side of the field. Great call!
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  18. Truer words never spoken.
  19. Someone in authority needs to look at our punter's passport. NO ONE from Australia kicks that bad.

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