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TCU @ OU Game Thread (Nov 23, 2019)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. After two DBs backed off 15 yards.
  2. I put that on Gary too. He has that thing about there not being any one game more important than another.
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  3. I'm glad there's a concurrent Stars game to switch between
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  4. We get the ball back quicker the shorter the punt since OU is going to score a TD on every drive tonight. Does not matter if it’s 99 or 2 yards.
  5. This is about the 6 time this year we’ve been overmatched more on the sidelines than on the field
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  6. TCU has landed a new football sponsor: DV2MET_LH_rev.jpg
  7. That’s debatable imo
  8. Not at this point in the season he is not. And if you read my posts, you would know I am not just blaming him. Plenty of blame to go around.
  9. That was about the worst thing I’ve seen. He stuck his arm out?
  10. Don’t use facts with my rant!!!
  11. Frog VB has the best uniforms on campus IMO with possible exception of Sunday throw-backs. Didn’t help them today though.
  12. I hate Cumbie so much. He just has tried absolutely nothing different which allows people to tee off.

    Bring in two RBs or TEs to block and let Reagor go deep. We just keep w the same crap game plan.
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  13. Can we get on the bus at halftime? Riley won't likely call off the dogs until the fourth quarter....Likely to have scored in the 50s at this clip....
  14. I’d pay good money to see that.
  15. Who is the coach we should keep after this season? Most of them better be calling an Uber all the way back from Oklahoma.
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  16. What kind of dog do you have, a German Short Haired Punter?
  17. Our kids have mailed it in. If we play with the same intensity, effort that we did against BU, UT, Tech, etc then it's not the show that it right now. Instead, we came into the game with zero fight, zero expectation of success. You guys that think it's just being outmanned (we are) are kidding yourselves (that's not what's responsible for this arse whipping)
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  18. And be close to beating Baylor (should have beaten Baylor)?
  19. Brooks gets stuffed on the run up the middle. Nice D

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