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TCU @ OU Game Thread (Nov 23, 2019)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. That KSU coordinator must be an idiot because he ran the same two plays for almost three quarters.
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  2. I can tell you we are going to see eye to eye on this one. If your success rate with a play is literally 1-7 and you believe it’s a good idea to build your offense around that play...Welp I would question your sanity.

    KSt situation is a bit different because there are roughly 3 variables reads out of that play you referenced....

    Again I don’t think either of us is going to change the others mind.
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  3. nothing wrong with running the same play if you have the people and the execution

    likewise, variety in play calling doesn't always mean success if you can't execute the basics such as blocking, catching or making the throw
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  4. You've stated the whole point - we have NO offensive fundamentals - we cannot block (pass or run), we cannot run routes, we cannot catch the ball, etc. It's COACHING, do we all of a sudden not have any players, sure we do, they are not being coached properly from the offensive side. The buck stops with you Cumbie, I don't care how good of a Recruiter and QB coach you are, you are not an offensive coordinator.
  5. We have no offensive identity. People say we are Air Raid just because a former Tech QB is the OC. Yet we go 7-21 passing for 65 yards. I think in all his years coaching, Leach has always had a competent passing game at the very least. We have guys that can lift a ridiculous amount of weight yet we can’t run the ball effectively. We try dabble in several things but do none of them well.
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  6. At church, everybody talked about how bad that spot was. The concern about big 12 refs has grown a lot over the season. It's a baptist church. So when I mention how TCU got hosed out of a Touchdown in overtime earlier in the year and how Tech got screwed in overtime, the topic changes quickly. Fun to watch.
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  7. Can't ignore the coaching issue. Especially when it comes to rcvrs. Can't pin that all on player effort. ( I think part of JR's issue is he has probably lost hope and tired of being frustrated)
    Look at LSU. They made the effort to address how rcvrs were coached. Night and Day difference.
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  8. It's not only a great mystery, but one that continues on and on - we don't seem to make Reagor our no. 1 target - run or pass nor do we let him run back kickoffs or punts - with the ball in his hands, he can break a game open. Expect him to leave after WV and even if we do beat WV and make a toilet bowl, he op's out to prepare for draft. Really with the way it's all come down, I would leave also. A total misuse of a high grade talent.

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