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TCU-Ohio State gets ABC Primetime, UT to play Alabama, other non-conference notes

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, May 16, 2018.

  1. Wish we could have these home and homes. Would love to make the road trip to see TCU play on the road against some of these schools
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  2. I see 9 hilarious losses.
  3. Great odds. They'll be 5 5 more times by then.
  4. ut bama could be interesting by then. Saban will have retired and who knows which young up and coming savior will be in Austin.....
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  5. Exactly!! By the time the game arrives Saban will not be coaching. A lot of anxiety for for nothing. Go Frogs!
  6. Deadline is Friday to order tickets for this game.

    What's the best strategy? Wait it out and buy on stubhub? Buy through TCU? What section seats are the best bang for your buck?
  7. [ Tapefingers ]
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    We are waiting, but we aren’t 100% committed to going either.

    If I was buying now, I think the $275 seats are the best bad deal. To me, the 400 Level isn’t worth the trip at $100 a pop plus parking and beer and time etc. If the $175 endzone were limited to the first section off the field or not in the corners, I would go that route, but that’s a huge area and I’d be worried about my allocation. To me the $250 for 300 Level are a bit nuts when for $25 more you can be first two levels beeern the goal lines (though not between the 40s). So, I’d go with those $275 seats fully realizing how crazy the whole thing is.
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  9. I bought mine last week. I would imagine we have good seats like the Big 12 championship game. Looking forward to it.
  10. Tend to agree with your logic.

    I'm annoyed this isn't in Fort Worth, but I'll definitely be attending. I was going to wait it out, but all of my buddies think it's a bad idea, because with current preseason ranking projections, this could easily be a Top 15 or Top 10 matchup.

    However, I have one friend that works for Ticketmaster so he typically has a good feel for understanding the ticket market. He thinks waiting it out is the right play. His argument is that with it being about a 100,000 seat stadium, there's just too much inventory to justify the current prices. I typically trust him, but I don't know if he's fully appreciating how large Ohio State's following is. At this point I think I'm leaning towards buying thru TCU to protect myself from ticket prices going through the roof. But on the other hand, it is so hard to justify almost paying the cost of another season ticket for one single game.
  11. Agree with all of this too. I’m going to end up waiting and hoping something pops up closer to the game. I’ll be watching stubhub etc like a hawk the month leading up to the game. There will be lots of Ohio State fans like you said, but I don’t think it will be as much as in the past. If this was the opening weekend I think it would be more since that is usually Labor Day weekend. They have played in that stadium a lot so I don’t think as many will make the trip from Ohio. Problem is a ton have moved south
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  12. You know, that's funny and sad all at the same time... I laughed, and then realized just how likely it actually is.
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  13. 1.) Fancy Tickets to JerryWorld: $500 each. $1000 for two. Travel- Another $500.

    2.) Tickets on SW to Aruba: $450/RT each. $900 all day. Plus lodgings- $500.

    Methinks the bar tab for option #2 will quickly eat up the $100 we save... But, TCU is 12-1 when we are in Aruba for a game. I think the Athletic Department ought to spring for us to be sent thither, simply to ensure victory.
  14. Teams are salivating at playing a 'blue blood' but also get an easy W. I would love to play UT more than once a year, all the sizzle but no real chance for UT to win.
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  15. It's also funny that longhorn fans think this will help them in recruiting, as if recruiting was their problem. Those numb nuts don't know how much talent they squander year in and year out.

    Herman will have another 3 years and CDC will hit the upgrade button.
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  16. The “Herman has no chance” and “UT swill continue to be average” assumptions are so incredibly naive.

    UT-Bama, UT-USC, UT-tOSU, UT-Michigan, UT-LSU OU-tOSU, OU-LSU, OU-Michigan, OU-Nebraska, OU-Tennessee, Michigan-Notre Dame. These games are home and homes because they’re about big state blue bloods playing big state blue bloods. They’re programs that will always have huge followings and always have a prominent seat in CFB, no matter their record (which due to resources will always be at least mediocre, never truly bad like the KUs, Wakes and SMUs of the world). Predicting UT’s continued mediocrity is so absurdly naive. Few have more resources, fans, recruiting power and ambition. We know they have a great AD that will pump whatever it takes into the program. I don’t care how good UT is as long as TCU keeps competing every year and coming up on the winning end more often than not.
  17. Not going now that we have an infant. If this game was at ACS as part of season tickets we would have figured it out. No way spending that amount of money along with hassle/risk of leaving early due to baby.
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  18. The same $275 tickets were $250 for the LSU game years ago. In fact the Ohio State game prices are comparable to the LSU game prices.

    So all the moaning about prices are overblown.
  19. I'm not sure how many are really predicting it. I think its more of a "have fun with it while we can mentality". UT will be very good again at some point, it's just a matter of when. They have too many built-in advantages not to be. Hopefully later than sooner but we'll see.
  20. Texas has had 6 seasons where they finished in the top 10 in the last 30 years, TCU has had 7 in the last 12 years.

    The assumption that Texas will inevitably be good is so incredibly naive. I am sure they will be back to top 25 finishes in the near future, but nothing better than what TCU will continue to do.

    The problem isn't the players (they have good players) and it isn't really the coach (I would say that Strong and Herman are in the same class as Brown), it is the culture. It is the day in and day out grind of having the expectations and constant pressure. It is wearing on a program. You need a guy like Saban to manage it like a CEO. That is why it is fun to watch a program that *should* be a dominant program flounder and not be able to get out of its way.

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