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TCU-Ohio State gets ABC Primetime, UT to play Alabama, other non-conference notes

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, May 16, 2018.

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    Good, if not unexpected news, TCU-Ohio State gets the 7 pm CT slot on ABC, and presumably Herbstreit and Fowler on the call.

    There’s a pretty good chance that time slot will be up against USC at Texas on FOX Primetime. Other big games that day are LSU at Auburn, WVU at NC State, Bama at Ole Miss, Houston at Tech, and Boise at OSU. Will also be interesting to watch SMU at Michigan and faux national champion UCF at UNC. BYU at Wisconsin and Baylor hosting a non-conference P5 program (Duke) for the first time in generations could be remotely interesting. So, if you don’t plan to schlep to AT&T there’s tons of good football to watch.

    Alabama-Louisville (Orlando) gets ABC Primetime in week 1 (against Michigan at Notre Dame on NBC), with LSU-Miami (AT&T Stadium) gets ABC Primetime on Sunday of week 1. Virginia Tech at a Florida State is set for Labor Day Primetime on ESPN. Penn State at Pitt is ABC primetime for week 2.

    CDC also announced he’s pushed UT’s home and home series with Ohio State to 2025-2026 to make room for Texas-Alabama in 2022 and 2023. Big move to get Saban to go somewhere other than a neutral site. But CDC sand Bama AD Greg Byrne are pretty close so the fact a matchup between the two was scheduled is unsurprising.

    On another note, the TCU-SMU deal is set to expire in 2019. I’d expect some sort of announcement on the future of the series this fall.
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  2. Del Conte couldn’t use that relationship while at TCU?
  3. interesting on the texas - alabama series.

    one of the big gripes on the texas bbs' and from their internet recruiting experts is saban being given access to the state of texas and how it is hurt recruiting in the state of texas.

    now we have texas playing alabama in a home and home as well as mensa's mentor evil incarnate coming to town
  4. Id rather play OSU than Bama. Bama is good and will punch Texas in the teeth (who doesn't these days?), but OSU is always overhyped.

    I think we can beat OSU and get tons of credit while I think Bama beats up 7 out of 10 times.
  5. So CDC is all about home and home matchups now?
  6. He could've tried but I don't think he could lure Alabama to ACS, and I'm almost certain GP would want no part of playing Bama two years in a row. That's just the reality. And I don't blame him.

    I'll also say when it comes to UT, their OOC scheduling vs ours is the reason a 12-1 or 11-2 Texas will virtually always be in a better playoff position over a 12-1 or 11-2 TCU team (2018 being the obvious exception). Say what you want about them, but they can't be accused of shying away from competition.
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  7. Just wait until 2020 for him to get an “offer he can’t refuse” to switch the game to Jerryworld
  8. I do agree and think the more surprising factor in this is Bama actually playing a road game
  9. Byrne started at Alabama in March of last year, so probably not.

    I was surprised we never saw Arizona added to the schedule since Byrne was there from 2010-2017.
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  10. I’d bet that the odds that UT/Bama go to jerryworkd are quite good. Jerry ain’t gonna let that game go by without an opportunity to fill his stadium completely.
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  11. please tell me that some of your are not trying to compare the game day economics of ut filing their stadium as opposed to tcu.

    as far as what it takes to get saban and urban to go to austin it is simply the chance to beat a brand name in the state of texas. heck, urban went to norman for goodness sake because ou is a national brand name.
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  12. I'd like to think this is right. Probably better to not play them 10 times to find out for sure.

    Seriously, I think a couple of our very best teams could hang with or beat a Saban-led Bama team, but if we played them 10 years in a row I think we'd be really, really fortunate to win 3. They don't mix in 6-7 and 7-5 type seasons like we do in our down years.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Yes, other than Alabama, they have an unparalleled record of success in Meyer's time there so not sure where the "overhyped" stuff comes from. If teams are going to be "hyped", who should be hyped more than OSU? Alabama and who else? Can they be beat? Sure they can, eight teams have beaten them since 2012. Hell, Iowa blew them out last year. That doesn't mean they aren't usually very, very good.
  15. texas doesn't need jerry's money and the value of hosting that game in austin and getting recruits from around the country to come to that game is something you can't get from playing in jerry's blimp hanger.

    when you are generating over $200M a year in revenue it makes it much easier to say no to the devil and do something that helps recruiting
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  16. Needing the money and wanting the money are two very different things. If an athletic director can make his university more money by doing something, more times than not, he will take that action, whether the money is needed or not. In this case, we happen to know the one athletic director who is keen on making more money for his university.
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    texas seats over 100K in their stadium, they drew over 102K for the notre dame game in 2016.

    no reason to believe they will not do the same for a home game against bama and ohio state.

    no reason to split money with either team in a neutral site game, the home and home garners bigger media attention because it is over two years, and if you don't think that home game will pull every top recruit in the area you are kidding yourself

    the economics of texas and tcu athletic departments are not even close and the decisions cdc made at tcu were made for different reasons than he will at texas. at tcu he was paying bills and building a brand, that brand is already established at texas and it is merely getting it the best exposure possible.

    the only thing a neutral site game at jerry's blimp hanger gets for texas is a bus ride to arlington. they play in dallas ever year in a well known game, they don't need the money, and the they get the chance to get recruits on campus.
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  18. Damn, I wish football season would hurry up and get here.
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  19. No coach wants to play Bama twice in a row but I just think it’s wrong to believe GP is making these decisions. His resistance has more to do with the reality of his 50k seat home stadium and the reality that every home and home scheduled with an OSU or Bama will ALWAYS turn into a one and done at Jonesville .
  20. i truly believe gary not only wanted a chance to compete head to head with osu for a couple of seasons in a row, but the chance to sell his program and the campus to kids who otherwise would not set foot on the tcu campus

    it is amazing to me when i talk to coaches, players, parents, etc... and they do not realize what tcu has to offer them in regards to facilities. no, we do not have cyborg lockers like texas or bathroom mirrors with back lit tv screens and a barber shop like a&m.

    we do have a great training facility, indoor/ outdoor practice areas as goods as anyone (except for the occasional rouge sprinkler head), stadium can be a great enviroment, and the campus is a great selling point compared to the small cities that texas and a&m, but a large part of this very state don't know that. hell, we have had the indoor practice facility for how long while texas has a freaking giant parachute they have to bus to and kids think texas' has been facilities.

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