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TCU Hoops vs KU thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by satis1103, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Agree. Gonna need him to keep progressing and be a consistent threat.
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  2. KU defended us very well. Alex in particular.
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  3. Will be similar to how Tech will play us. Last year at home against Tech was the only time we looked like we had no idea what we were doing on offense. Tech plays the passing lanes better than anyone and KU did a good job of that last night as well. One play that I keep thinking about is TCU having a fast break and Davis gets his pass stolen at half court. If Davis would have crossed over to get the ball in the middle of the court, he had Bane going up on his left with two others on his right. I believe it would have been a 4 on 2 and cut the lead to a single possession
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  4. I have a feeling KU saw some tendencies on our outlet passes and we’re anticipating (correctly) where we were going.
  5. Robinson seems to be getting stuck in the lane the last couple of games. Teams are starting to play the pass when he gets on there. He just needs to adjust a little.

    Samuel seems to be doing a better job of not fouling, now he just needs to build his conditioning to play for longer stretches. He is still getting better every game!

    We clearly have a very good team. Hopefully we can learn to close out these tough games and compete for the conference title.
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  6. I brought this up a couple of weeks ago and there were several on this forum that thought this was ridiculous that we would just drive to the basket. Well, Self didn't think it ridiculous as he cut off our passing lanes and made the points dribble, all the time running out the shot clock and us taking bad shots as time expired. Good coaching fellas.
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  7. Alex and KD were not particularly good but you have to give some of the credit to KU. They did a really nice job of harassing our points and we weren’t able to adjust to the pressure. Still don’t think we do enough to get Bane three point shots and he needs to work harder to get open as well. This game could have been won but not with the guard play we had.

    Tough loss but I’m not discouraged as this was a road game at the hardest place to win in the league. This game did nothing to derail our goals for the season.
  8. Agree on Bane, particularly if we don't have Fisher in the game. I've actually heard Dixon comment a couple times that they run a lot of plays for Bane but it doesn't result in as many shots for him as they'd like. He didn't go into any details about WHY those plays weren't working as designed but I sure hope they can get it figured out. Bane is the one guy on our team who can take control of a game with his scoring right now.
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  9. Agreed. We need Bane to shoot more, I still feel he's our best scorer with the ability to shoot deep and drive tough to the rim.
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  10. He's insanely efficient. I'd love to see his efficiency take a hit because of more volume shooting. He can put 30 on anybody.
  11. There was a designed (looked like) Bane 3 in the last 5 minutes. It worked. Why we didn't do that more often is beyond me.

    But give KU a ton of credit. They did their damn homework on this one. Had our offense pegged.
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  12. kansas tonight in how they defended alex showed how a player can have a dramatic impact on the game on the defensive end of the floor.

    length and lateral quickness/agility of the ku defender's really caused problems and that was what my hope was for kaden this year, but that is gone and i don't really see any other player on the roster for tcu with that combination.

    that will get magnified as we get further into conference because the struggles in perimeter defense that were there last year and showed up earlier in the year hurt the frogs last night and kansas is not the only team in the big 12 with that type of talent or ability on the perimeter.

    individually i have said it before and will again alex is the kenny hill of basketball. when he plays under control and doesn't try to make too much of a situation he can be very, very effective and when he forces things he makes mistakes that he just should not be making as a fifth year senior.

    alex has been playing in the big 12 long enough the other teams know him, what he likes, what he doesn't and it will be interesting to see if he makes the adjustments or continues to force things. the last five minutes against baylor and then this game have not been some of his best basketball.

    frogs did get 9 rebounds out of miller, but he was woeful on the offensive end shooting the ball and look overmatched defending in the post. angus like kaden is gone, who knows what the situation is with lat, alok is still out, and samuel looks to still be a work in progress with his game conditioning. jd has to do more because there is no one else at this time. you expect that of your seniors.

    noi has to accept there is more to offense than shoot 3's and fast breaks. he needs to put the ball on the floor, doesn't need to force shots, and he has to give more on the defensive end.

    rj shows flashes and then he takes steps back which is normal for many young guys. the one thing is he isn't playing timid like some of the others who have been in the program too long to be playing timid. davis showed some of the same and i think we will continue to see the two steps forward and one back hopefull with the one back getting smaller and smaller

    kevin is being asked to give more than he has ever had to give in a game and shows flashes. really tough for big to get into great game shape and practice just isn't the same as games. he is getting there, but not sure if frogs will get more than 25 good minutes a game from him this year.

    finally, bane seems so in sync with the offense he just won't force shots. wish he would borrow a bit from alex and noi and he is the one wing who isn't afraid to drive. find it interesting he did not shoot 1 free throw last night.

    the team as pointed out better view any time from fisher as a gift but more importantly need a few guys to scale back forcing shots and a few others to raises their games.

    the challenge is only going to get tougher as any flaws are going to be seen by every team as film gets around and dixon knows as well as anyone after being in some of the hellish seasons in the big east the players had damn well better buy in each game as there will be no easy games
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  13. Bane is very unselfish. I don’t how many times I am yelling at the TV for him to take the shot.
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  14. If Fisher is back at close to 100 when we play Kansas at home we are going to win that game.

    Credit to KU’s defense, but that was an awful game for our offense. 20 turnovers will get you beat almost every time, though at least 5 of those were highly questionable calls.

    Lawson is just a beast, we had no answer for him inside, and without Alok, Samuel is playing tentative on defense to avoid fouling out.

    Alex got frustrated early and was looking at the refs when he should have been playing defense, he played like he did three years ago in this one instead of the mature senior leader he has been.

    On the plus side, RJ Nembhard. He has lost that funky hitch in his shot that he had when he first arrived here, and he is finding his stroke from three. Good to see his confidence growing.

    When Samuel has a size advantage we need to feed him.

    Davis didn’t have his best night, but man he was not getting any calls to go his way. There were several times when you could tell that they weren’t going to give the freshman the call at Fogg Allen.

    Not breaking any new ground here, but it therapeutic to type this out after a tough loss.
  15. Excellent Post 8. Believe you covered all my thoughts but a little more on Samuels - let's play him until he fouls out. With all the mistakes we made, we still could have won it if he had more minutes. He had the inside advantage and if he's 1 big step from the basket, he's going to score. Give him 2, two minute breathers each half and let him go. He's a force now, think what he can be next year.
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