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TCU Hoops vs KU thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by satis1103, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. 8pm the deuce. Let's scheissing do this!!!
  2. Anyone who follows Bane on IG, check out his story. Posted a video walking out onto the court then scanning the empty. Pretty kick ass arena. Very cool little video.
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  3. Any word on Fisher?
  4. Lots of Tweets he is not playing this evening.
  5. Go Frogs!
  6. Dammit...
  7. Makes it a real tough one to steal on the road. We can do it though.
  8. West Virginia had a 21-point lead on K-State and now it’s a tied game with less than 2 minutes left
  9. DAMNIT AUBURN. Stop fouling. You lost. Let us watch the frogs!
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  10. Here we go Frogs.
  11. Traveling gonna be ignored all night.
  12. Refs already calling phantom fouls and travels.
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  13. Unless it’s against Alex.
  14. How did TCU fare Saturday night at Iowa State?
  15. Dammit, can't miss layups.
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  16. We are out of control

    Very odd for a Dixon team
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  17. Kansas always has one white dude that just aggravates the hell out of me for some reason.
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  18. Mitch Lightfoot = Future Serial Killer
  19. Home cooking is stinking up the place...
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