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TCU Hoops vs KU thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by satis1103, Jan 9, 2019.

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    Every time someone has a bad game is it because the game was too big for him? Arob had so many great games last year down the stretch to get us to the NCAA tourney, but this, our second conference game was too big for him?
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  2. Fans love to critique the mental fortitude of athletes for some reason. A couple shots being made or missed in basketball is usually the difference between "the game was too big for him" and "wow, what a gamer that guy is!"

    Sometimes players just don't play well and/or the opponent plays better, but that's often too simplistic for people to accept.
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    Country Frog, I am right with you. The complaining on these threads makes me wonder if any of these posters played sports. Sports are hard. At this level, teams and players are elite. We went into arguably the toughest place to play in all of sports and were down by 3 with two minutes to play. The game thread would lead you to believe we lost by 40.

    The only thing I will complain about is the lack of boxing out. Lawson missed a three when they were up 5 and Samuel didn’t even try to put a body on him and he got the offensive rebound. With about a minute left they missed a shot up 3 and Arob didn’t even try to box out their guy and they got an offense rebound and put back to stretch it to 5. What a back breaker. If you are trying your hardest and mess up, whatever. If you don’t even try to box out and they get the rebound, that one really irks me. I know it happens all the time now, but that is the difference between winning and losing close games and it is just fundamentals.
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  4. When the Cavs lost to the Warriors in the NBA finals, those series were just too big for Lebron. Has nothing to do with the fact that the Warriors team completely outgunned them.
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  5. Robinson was really bad tonight. The length of KU really bothered him, he wasn't even looking to get into the lane by the end of it. Credit to the KU staff.
    Thought JD waited too long to go back to Samuel in the mid-late 2nd half. Lawson was just feasting on Miller and JD refused to sub Samuel in until it was too late.
    All in all, not a bad loss. Really weird game, we were horribly sloppy, and I would estimate that 5-8 loose balls in the very beginning and at the end did not go our way and that was the difference. Wish we tried different adjustments on Lawson rather than just accepting the whipping but whatever.
    The biggest positives tonight undoubtedly were RJ Nembhard, Kevin Samuel, and Kendric Davis. RJ was hoopin tonight and kept going at them. Samuel will be an all time TCU great by the time he's done, he was unguardable tonight and Lawson had no answer. Love his game and wish he got the rock more. Davis was fearless and attacked constantly.
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  6. I’m a Robinson fan. He’s a valuable piece of this team. He’s won big games for us and he’ll be tough to replace when he’s gone. No ones questioning that.

    Tonight, he was sloppy all game. Looked out of sorts. Turned the ball over. Looked too emotional. Also hit a few shots down the stretch. But call it what you want, I’ll do the same.

    For the basketball purists, Allen Fieldhouse is the Mecca. It also happened to be the second conference game as you so astutely pointed out. It means something to play there, and it means even more if you play well there. You only get a few chances at that.
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  7. Good point on the offensive rebounds. We gave up a free throw rebound that resulted in a wide open 3 as well.

    The one thing I would say about that Robinson play you mentioned is that it certainly appeared he was in pretty good position before the KU player put a forearm into his neck and knocked him out of bounds. I can't put that one all on AR but, either way, it was a huge play. There were a handful of those kinds of plays that the Frogs needed to make to win and just didn't do it.
  8. Well said.

    And reading this game thread makes me believe the game may have been too big for some of our fans.
  9. Is this the part where you hand out participation ribbons to all the players so everyone’s a winner?
  10. Well, we are 12-2 so we've done a lot of winning. And both losses came when we were nowhere near full strength. So I won't be handing out any participation ribbons but I am very optimistic about what this team can do this season IF we can stay reasonably healthy. And I'll admit that is becoming a really huge IF.
  11. Aw c'mon. Little Scrunch Face is long gone!
  12. Samuel was great on the offensive end but he is very limited when he has to defend outside the paint. He doesn't move well enough at this point to guard Lawson on the 3 point line and then hit the glass on a miss.
  13. We lost by single digits on the road (and were within one possession late) to the #7 team in the country minus arguably our best player and with three freshmen playing extensively...... yeah I’m not gonna worry about it too much.

    We have some ignorant fans .
  14. Silly
  15. Who would it be???? Alok is hurt, Mayen is hurt, Fisher is hurt, McWilliam is gone, Archie is gone, Barlow is redshirting...... that’s everyone. We just need people to get healthy (and god forbid anyone else gets hurt).
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  16. The sky is NOT falling. We were playing Kansas at Allen Field House without our best shooter. Not being picky here but Samuels with 3 fouls and 26 minutes needed to play until he fouled out. They didn't really have an answer to his offense inside the paint where he is just a step from the basket.

    We can talk about the officials and fouls etc. but we had our chances, Self just put a good defense on us. Nembhard needs a shout-out. Starting a game at Allen for him and being our top scorer and going 50% from the field and 5/6 on FT's, got to be good going into OU.
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  17. I’m pretty sure we threw the ball away on 3 or more outlet passes. No excuse for that. That’s unforced
  18. Agree.
  19. Nembhard starting to figure it out has been the highlight of the last two games.
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  20. Frogs are sloppy (and high risk) passers and have been. This is not new. What’s new is that we played a team with the athleticism and pressure to take these away. We’ve been generally poor at outlets and inbounds this year and last.
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