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TCU Football Releases 2019 Football Depth Chart

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Defense looks big, deep, and salty. Offensive line looks better on paper than 2018 with some changes made. Darius Anderson must have some work to do this summer listed as the #3 running back. Sewo's legal issues must have been resolved. He's listed as the only 1st string running back. Quarterback competition this Fall Camp will determine who starts. I like it and I think Gary is about to have a banner season if everyone gets out of Fall Camp healthy.

  2. Nice to have some clarity at the QB position...
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  3. The size difference at quarterback is dramatic too between the 4 options. Composure at that position in Norman and ice in the veins field goal kicking are my two big question marks that I have this year.

    Also, hopefully the new East Side addition and larger, wider jumbotron helps keep more noise in the Carter going forward.
  4. Loving the secondary and big men in the middle on defense.
  5. Lots of athleticism at LB. should be able to drop into coverage a lot w Ross in the middle
  6. Stays enrolled and out of the transfer black hole, goes to class and makes the grades, and stays out of jail.....
  7. Fans have to stay in the stadium and have to make the noise first....
  8. We also have those two ultra stud high school running backs coming in this fall. Hopefully they will save their red shirts but get to play in 4 games.
  9. Anderson at 3 is an absolute scheissing joke. So sick and tired of GP saying "ask sonny" about the QB position but he has no problem benching Jet for literally no reason. If we use him like we did last year I will not watch a second of the offense. Just criminal how we treat the kid
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  10. He has attitude and going to class issues fyi
  11. Gee golly.

    Mr. and Mrs. Or must be bustin' like melons with pride at having their three sons competing for the starting QB spot this fall.

    Wonder if they might be related to Nick Orr?
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  12. I thought he was saying they were all in the Operating Room
  13. Very measured and rational response to a May 31st depth chart.
  14. One of the most interesting things about that chart was Austin Meyers at RG....and Both Gaines and Blacklock penciled in coming off injuries..Heights at one of the outside starting wrs
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  15. so two guys who aren't on campus are already on the defensive depth chart?
  16. Not ideal that Holmes is moved from S to LB and is immediately in the 2 deep after 3 weeks of fake spring practices...No doubt the athleticism as LB is high, but the size is low...
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  17. Blackshear was always a no brainer..However my guess is there is probably a very high amount smoke and messages being sent with this chart...
  18. Agreed. In the Big 12, I like this better than big LB's...as long as Ross stays healthy.
  19. Ross and Bethley gobbling up blockers on the inside definitely helps our LBs...However, Im not convinced that with the influx of new coaches that B12 is going to continue to be a wide open sling it kind of league..Beaty, Dana, and Kliffy all gone..it will still be spread based because that’s where all of football is right now but I think hyper speed may down shift a bit..As masterful an offensive coach Lincoln is, he still want to set up everything with the run game....I think you and I know Les isn’t going sling it more than 2o-25 a game
  20. Based on what I’m hearing this is true. This is his money year he needs to get his mind right

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