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TCU Football Releases 2019 Football Depth Chart

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. WR was a bit eye opening to me as well. Outside of Reagor and maybe Barber, there’s little to no real experience, or production to speak of.

    The book on this offense this year will be to stop Reagor and let dare anyone else on the roster to beat you.

    Sewo? Who knows where he’ll be.

    DA? It seems like he’s already starting off in the dog house listed as 3 deep.
  2. Dylan Thomas is a good receiver. Ask coach Patterson about his game against Ohio State.
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  3. i don't put a great deal of stock in a depth chart in may, but do agree there are questions at receivers.

    an effective offensive line can make good backs effective and i think the pieces are there for this to be a good offensive line.

    force the defense to play the run and that impacts how much the safeties and linebackers can be involved int the pass game which might have a bigger impact that any other receiver.
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  4. I like your enthusiasm League.

    As much as a lot of us want to, I will believe an offensive scheme change when I see it and not before. In fact it would not surprise me to see whatever QB starts against Ark-Pine Bluff, throw a bubble screen off to the right side on the very first offensive set.

    Sure, we all know as League laid it out, a Briles offense and a GP defense plus our new field flipper for punting and we could make a run. Our first offensive play may very well tell us the offensive direction for the season. Cumbie, you need to do it now, next year you lose mucho players with 8 possible draft picks.
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  5. FIFY
  6. Great play against tOSU! He’ll always have that as a memory and something to look back and talk about.

    If I gave you a number of 15. Would you say that is greater or less than his total career receptions in 3 years of college football?
  7. I don't think a combination of Briles' offense and a shutdown defense on one team is even possible. So a defense that practices against an offense that only runs six plays is going to be prepared to stop really good offenses that actually run multiple routes out of multiple formations? Yeah, in fantasy football I suppose. Briles completely sold out his defense. For all the grief Phil Bennett got (and some of it deserved because he's pretty much a POS in my opinion) his defenses never had a chance to really be good. When you have receivers there finish their career without really even knowing how to run a pretty basic pass route, you also have defensive backs who never really learn how to cover a receiver who runs any route other than a go, a slant, and a WR screen. Apply that same reasoning to other facets of that offense. It was lethal against overmatched teams, not so much against everyone else, at least relative to his defense's performance. The mistake is thinking a coach that wins 56-42 is somehow better than one that wins 30-14.
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  8. WR is as big a concern as QB.

    Anderson will be ready. Demercado unlikely to be in 4 deep.
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  9. During the week the scout team runs the other teams plays. I agree that if the offense goes to fast the defense will get gassed but that will only happen when we are playing another offense that runs a similar system. I think the Briles offense has a lot of positives but as you stated there are some negatives. I would be happy if we went back to the 2014 offense. We don’t play in the big 10, we need to score points. Either way we just want to win.
  10. 100% agree..There are reasons that the Briles offense isn’t really being duplicated outside of a few Briles former assistants..It isn’t like its complicated..As you pointed out, it’s an offense that is as successful at destroying its own defense as it is the other teams..
  11. We'd need Boykin and Doctson to do that. Oh, and Jaden Leg-a-krom.
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  12. Briles' offense, at its peak, won a Heismen, Biletnikoff, and almost another Heisman with Petty and was #1 in the US in total offense and it beat OU more than once.

    Copy and paste plus Gary's signature defense and we win a bunch of games.
  13. not going to happen because you are not going to see a hunh offense that doesn't look to control the ball with gary as the head coach.
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  14. +4...or 10...or...

    As time goes by, I'm more and more convinced that the Boykin-Doctson convergence was an aberration....
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    Here is a reminder of what it took for TCU to beat OU the only time we did as a Big XII member. OU could have won the game on their last possession but the receiver was way out of bounds in the endzone when he caught it.

  16. I don't want the Briles offense, but I would appreciate some of its cornerstones.

    1) Consistently strong OL
    2) Balance between running and throwing
    3) Going vertical in the passing game
  17. Here is the Art Briles' offense beating OU 41-12 in 2013 if one was curious what he did.

  18. Here is the Briles style offense is at its height. He beats OU 48-14 in this game in Norman. His offense was literally 'keep it simple stupid' and use those Texas kids to out athlete and out speed the other teams' kids. His problem was that he had Phil Bennett as his defensive coordinator. His offense was always forward leaning, ahead of the chains style. I'm not a Briles supporter by any means, but he found a way to trash OU in football more than once and that's what TCU is up against.

  19. You play football growing up?

    Weekly game plan isn’t just offensive based. Defense gets look at upcoming schemes just the same. It’s not just film study.
  20. I couldn’t imagine GP ever admitting to implementing a “Briles offense” into his program. Just because.
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