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TCU Construction Updates

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. How about this quote from the article included here, after telling of Dan Jenkins calling Worth Hills golf course Goat Hills (explaining why they're calling the restaurant Goat Hills)..

    "The city eventually sold Worth Hills’ 106 acres to TCU, which currently uses the space as an overflow parking lot."
  2. There were a lot of logistical issues with many of the contractors when the major weather delays hit the project.
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  3. Just a guess, but traditional construction of a box structure might be less complicated than a cantilevered structure above another...
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  4. And one is rushing to get a revenue stream going while the other received its revenue up front.
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  5. I took another tour today (no pics - forgot phone in the car) and things are noticeably progressing. Suite Level is 90% done. Club Level has some work left but looking good.

    Exterior bricking is going up.

    Going to be top notch.
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  6. Sure looks hot over there.
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  7. Really excited to see the finished product. Next time you go please remember to take your phone ;), ha! Interesting that you say club level has a ways to go. I was told it would be ready for the spring game. That is only a month out.
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    It *will* be, just was a madhouse (people everywhere), no flooring, lots to do on the walls, etc. etc.

    The ribbon cutting announcement should be made this week and the event will occur before the spring game.
  9. I chose to bring this topic back up now because now is the time to be sniffing around other Power 5 schools BEFORE say the Pac 12 signs another grant of rights deal for 10 more years. Big XII back at 12 with OU and UT as two of the 12 is good for TCU. Stability plus a couple legacy anchors in the conference. We would be more protected from say the Big Ten looking to poach Oklahoma and Kansas.
  10. Interesting place to put this but that's alright.
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  11. Oklahoma isn't going to the Big 10. No team outside the AAU is going there, regardless of how good their sports teams are.

    The SEC is the only potential landing spot for OU. I suppose Kansas could somehow end up in the Pac 12 or Big 10 in some bizarre scenario but I wouldn't count on it. The Big 12 is fine like it is, splitting money 10 ways instead of 12 or 14 or more is nice. Playing every team every year, once in football and twice in basketball, is great for the fans and competitive fairness.
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    I took some of the East Side (and interior work), the West Side and the new Performance Hall.

    IMG_9771.jpg IMG_0807.jpg IMG_1263.jpg IMG_1347.jpg IMG_1464.jpg IMG_2419.jpg IMG_2609.jpg IMG_3561.jpg IMG_4342.jpg IMG_4918.jpg
    The last photo shows some of the complex/creative engineering.
  13. Sweat Equity for the win! Thanks for the pictures. That East Side better pick up the pace... Opening event in about 5 weeks.
  14. TWSS
  15. Thanks SE but I can’t orientate the Performance Hall pic. Gonna have to walk over to see myself.
  16. Was not allowed with a hard hat there; only in the stadium.

    Inside, the East Side looks 5x better this week than last.
  17. Nor orient
  18. Well, it is on the east side of campus...
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