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TCU Construction Updates

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jan 13, 2014.

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    I live in the area and I was driving around the campus this weekend.
    There is more new construction taking place across the TCU campus right now then there has ever been.
    Many big building jobs going up on both the east and west sides of campus.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Stormed hard last night in FTW. They've been at it all morning.
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  5. Turf looks great.
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  6. Surely appreciate ALL of your pics. This is a fine photo with the two men on the field it gives you a good dimension of the size. Before long that east side addition will be continued north and they will have to move the video board again.
  7. I could be wrong, but I think that north endzone extension plan to create the TCU Athletic Club was more/less scrapped... At least, its on hard ice for now.
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  8. In a perfect world I would have loved for them to extend the new club/suites all the way around to the north endzone section. Seems as if the demand just wasn't there though. Attached is the current design and an admittedly horrible photoshop of what I would like to have seen.
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  9. It was...for now... The contractors wanted something like $40 million for that portion to finish off bowling in our stadium. Too much for now. If this East Side takes off and enough people, whether local business owners, fraternities and sororities, new TCU Med School peeps, grad student groups, etc want to put up money ahead of time for a "north endzone" in game tailgate party zone, then I would take that money TCU and do it.
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  10. I thought I read somewhere that they settled on the size (sqft) of the new video board. Does anyone know what it will be?
  11. I be willing to bet $ that the north endzone infill project will happen at some point in the next 5 years or so
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  12. Slightly larger than baylor's board is what I have been told

    That was done on purpose as well
  13. Fans have to fill seats before another expansion is advisable or feasible.....
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  14. I don't know about the height, but the width will go flag pole to flag pole.

    I wish they would do something with the smaller one in the south endzone. Either get rid of it so people sitting in the "Stadium Club" aka basketball stadium club can see the field or bulldoze it and elevate and enlarge it so people can see the field under it and sell ads on the bigger screen.
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  15. I couldn’t figure out why that Fishing thread was so popular; so I finally clicked . WHOA ! . Maybe they can use the south scoreboard to show “fishing” excerpts during TV timeouts and official reviews.
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    I understand from what I read for the long range plans as far as the Video boards is; The North EZ will be replaced with a much larger video board (happening now). The current video board from the north EZ will be placed where the south EZ board is currently. Maybe plans have changed from previous stated plans, but that is what I heard.
  17. Current Football board is going to baseball and the current baseball board going away from TCU is my understanding
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  18. It was reported earlier that the baseball board would go to the soccer stadium.
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  19. Baylor board 47 x 107 per the World Wide Web.
  20. I'm reaching the point that I feel like I just might as well stay home and watch the game on TV, same with basketball. I *hate* sitting around our oppo
    My board's bigger than your board!

    I'm reaching the point that I feel like I just might as well stay home and watch the game on TV, same with basketball, same with professional sports.
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