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TCU Construction Updates

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Thanks WhiteHispanicFrog! What's the activity over at the football stadium today and how is the new Music Center coming along?
  2. I have a buddy from church that works for the company that does all our A/V stuff. He said the new scoreboard is gigantic and should be installed sometime next month. Claimed it will stretch flag pole to flag pole.

    Also claimed that while there will still be large new speakers coming from the main scoreboard, they’re also installing new speakers throughout the stadium to help disperse the sound.
  3. Yes please, need pics of the new Music building. It’s sorta too bad college catalogs & coffee table books are mostly passé in the digital age. Once we complete all this massive construction, we could have published one heck of a beauty book. On the plus side though at least all these great photographs can be uploaded in hi DEF to the TCU website for prospective students and parents to look at worldwide. Truly remarkable and impressive and that remark comes from an old guy who arrived on campus in the 70s, granted things have changed a lot but I think for the better. Sure I miss the old days but I have embraced the new days as well.
  4. Correct!!
  5. Drove by the stadium today, Friday. I see two places where some framing is going in...not very big. We've got a long way to go!
  6. With 68,000 students and a stadium that seats 44,000. that should be really easy.
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  7. Should be.
  8. Thanks WhiteHispanicFrog!

    Brog, when you say framing, like what type of framing?
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  9. Catchers trying to get called strikes.
  10. I saw that too. I’m surprised they don’t have any exterior walls up yet anywhere. The framing looks interior and it looks like Sheetrock going up.
  11. Hearing there will be an announcement soon that it will not be ready for the season at all
  12. If so, someone ‘splain to me—is it labor shortage or getting materials in-place ontime that prevents a Plan B operation to go 24/7 to get this done? Or is that not allowed for noise complaints from local neighborhood association? In which case we can all blame Boyd Avenue Frog.
  13. You are joking, right?
  14. I walked by at 9:30PM Wednesday evening and they were still working including running the cranes.
  15. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised. October is approx 100 days away and it looks like they still need to use cranes for several more weeks.
  16. If that turns out to be the case, then I wonder how many will be displaced below?

  17. ADJD is still selling the Texas game as the opening, and as long as he's selling I'm buying.
  18. I would assume not many as long as the exterior work is essentially complete and there’s nothing that could fall. But I surely don’t know.

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