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Tale of the tape

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by The TCU Football Jerk, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. I feel like the average human is well below average if that’s possible.
  2. Except in Lake Woebegone, 'where all the childrern are above average, the women are strong and the men are good looking '.
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  3. Tell me you didn't just reference Lake Woebegone.
  4. Wow - so the last time we have had “mediocre” years back to back we won the conference championship The next year?

    that is awesome - I am so psyched up now for next year!!!!

    Thanks for pointing out that GP led us to a title the last time we struggled in back to back years!!!!!
  5. upload_2019-12-5_20-8-57.jpeg

    This is your cumulative B12 records for the last 3 seasons...The very definition of average
  6. I identify with Garrison Keallor -- we both have a face made for radio
  7. is there a narrative you are trying to build with these tables?
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    This one threw me:


    EDIT: * should be by # of penalties, not yards

    OU was 116th in fbs!
  9. Same passing stats ranked by yds per completion:

  10. See how yds/completion more closely mirrors B12 final standings:

    Iowa St.
    Ok. St.
    K. St.
    Tex. Tech
  11. Another telling stat is that TCU was tied for 91st in fbs for turnovers lost. We had 9 lost fumbles and 11 interceptions for a total of 20.
  12. Here's my take on all this stat crap. I got these stats from ESPN, shows all games including the recent Big12 championship game, so Baylor and OU have 13 games and everyone else has 12. I would have preferred just the Big12 but I don't want to look for it. Total yards of offense minus total yards defense gives NET yards per game. Compared to Baylor, we had 72 net yards per game to their 74.
    Yet the average points per game differential (points scored minus points allowed) shows Baylor at +16 and us at +4. They got a lot more points out of their 74 net yards than we did.
    Baylor averaged +1 turnover margin per game and we averaged 0 (20 turnovers and 20 takeaways). Both teams had solid kickers, we made 96% of field goal attempts and they made 84%.
    Baylor was better in the red zone and won the turnover battle. That got them to overtime in the Big12 championship game after losing their senior QB.
    I believe quarterback was the difference. They had a senior and we had a freshman.

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