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Tale of the tape

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by The TCU Football Jerk, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. TCU's football record since joining the Big 12 vs. each team:

    Kansas 7-1
    Texas 6-2
    Baylor 5-3
    Iowa St. 5-3
    Kansas St. 4-4
    Texas Tech 4-4
    West Virginia 4-4
    Ok. St. 3-5
    Oklahoma 1-7.

  2. TCU joining the Big 12:

    stunning accomplishment
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  3. OU is actually 1-8. We lost to them twice in 2017.
  4. That said, 0.500 or better with 78% of the league isn't too shabby. Basically just the state of Oklahoma dragging us down.
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    Non-losing records to all but two schools in the league is:

    a) far better than the naysayers predicted
    b) fairly good
    c) especially pleasing in that we are even or better vs. our three in-state rivals
    [* Texas, lolz]
    d) comparatively satisfactory when you consider that in at least half of these years we have teams that our fanbase has collectively (rightly, I think) deemed to be thoroughly and unacceptably subpar (2013, 2016, 2018 & '19).

    If you'd have told us in 2012 that we'd join the Big XII and suck for four of our first eight season but be no worse off than this I think we'd have been pleasantly surprised.

    We're not that far away from national relevance, we're just not going to get back there with the current setup.
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  6. Beating us down.
  7. You’ve got to be kidding.
  8. We are not even in the discussion of national relevance now.
    5 of our 8 conference seasons have bigger number in the wrong column.
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    Also see: "Baylor three months ago." Or TCU prior to 2014, for that matter. So long as we're in a P5 league, we're only one good season from being back in the conversation. That's the good news. The bad news is that GP's cronies aren't going to lead us to that good season.
  10. Three. Facts matter.
  11. Conference play in Big 12
    2012 4-5
    2013 2-7
    2014 8-1
    2015 7-2
    2016 4-5
    2017 7-2
    2018 4-5
    2019 3-6
  12. Ok. You win technically. I’m not sure anyone looks at seasons in that perspective. But I’ll concede.
  13. The premise of the op of the thread has more to do with league play. (I would guess to list how we hold up in a P5 conference) Over all, we have had only 2 losing regular seasons. 3 with the bowl loss in 2016, as you mentioned for overall.
  14. "Congrats, you got the job! Now, what are you gonna do with it???"

    6 years later:

    "Hey, look at me, ma, I got the job!!!"
  15. Or “good” as long as we aren’t playing OU.
  16. FIXED
  17. Why would he be kidding? He’s 110% correct.
  18. I am not happy with the last two years of football, however, those other teams had quite a monetary advantage over us for about 18 years. You include that with a perception advantage, I think we have done pretty good.

    Now, if we can just fix this putrid offense, I believe we'll be right back at the top. Hear me Gary? Don't be afraid of a high powered offense. It's the way things are headed.
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  19. Where does this leave the frogs in the context of the “week in, week out” diatribe?
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  20. 110%correct that it’s not too shabby to be on par with KState, Texas Tech, and West Virginia and losing to OkieState ?? My expectations are higher. Our record v UT is outstanding. Otherwise shabby
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