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Tale of the tape

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by The TCU Football Jerk, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. One win was before we joined the B12
  2. I’m not sure you know what “par” means. You can look at it however you want to. I’m not trying to change your mind.
  3. Just saying that being .500 or below vs. 66% of the conference is not good, not matter how you look at it.
  4. That’s just how YOU’RE choosing to look at it. An optimist might say we’re .500 or better against 78% of the league or that we’re 38-26 against everyone but OU.
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  5. So what is being .500 or above against
    77% of the conference?

    I think that points out the half full half empty discussion.
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  6. So you're saying .500 is good or okay? I guess I don't care for mediocrity.

  7. Yes. .500 is “OK”. It’s pretty much the definition of OK.
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  8. OK. I've got you lumped in with those that think mediocrity is okay. Check.
  9. TCU is the anti-definition of mediocrity.

    You are looking a total record over several years, not the single years in that population of data - we are a feast or famine program at its finest - we are never mediocre.

    Aggy is mediocre, Tech is mediocre - always in the middle and rarely if ever above or below it. We are the opposite.
  10. SMH..... I bet you can’t guess who I’ve got you lumped in with. Don’t worry you have lots of company.
  11. Except we're sliding into multiple years of famine. And there was no injury or youth excuse this year. Whether it be bad recruiting, poor position coaching, bad calls by the coordinators, bad special teams, this year was on the coaches. THAT is the scariest thing.
  12. Delusions of Grandeur. That's the group I've got you in. SMH
  13. 2 is multiple - you are technically correct - but you are acting like this is the 70's and it's not.
    being a hysterical fan is a bad look...
  14. There is absolutely a youth reason for this. The quarterbacks who would have been playing - both among the top rated recruits we have ever had - didn't pan out, leaving us to start a true freshman.
  15. I'm not sure you know what 'subpar' means in this context.
  16. You're saying I'm hysterical? Hardly. Just pointing out our mediocre record.
  17. Perhaps. The QB is a position that weighs heavy on wins/losses. But who know just how good or bad he is because he had absolutely ZERO blocking for him. All you have to do is rewatch the games to see that. And if you think the entire reason we didn't win this year was solely because of QB play then you don't know football.
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  18. You are absolutely right. As I have said countless times, our best play this year has been the Duggan run for his life play. Who can have success with that?
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  19. More:


    * Denotes B12 Co-Champion
    ** Denotes played in conference championship game

    No non-conference games, no conference championship games, no bowl games. Just straight up conference play records.
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  20. Is he saying, "Half the people you know are below average" ?

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