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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by The TCU Football Jerk, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. when you look at those numbers compared with the rest of the big 12 over that 8-year period you find ou far and away the leader in the conference, kansas at the bottom, and a big cllump in the middle where several schools are separated by 6-8 wins one way or the other.

    the last two years have been more disappointing than 2013 to me and i do believe changes need to be made, but this program is far from a lost cause
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  2. I want to win more games than we lose. A lot more.
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  3. Six years later: won the conference once, went to the CCG another time, finished in the national top ten three times.
  4. Absolutely agree. This settling for being comparatively ok compared to other teams that are sucking in those seasons is just accepting of a barely getting there approach, in my view.

    I don't see Patterson making the needed changes on offense. If he does anything, he'll wait so long we'll get some "developing" assistants. If he keeps that offensive staff and they don't get it done next year in a fashion that shows the Frogs are trending towards championship level football, they could both be in hot water.
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  5. I don't think anyone is ok with being an ok team. I think, though, that some are taking the approach of "I want to be Alabama" and I think that's completely unrealistic. In the last 15 years we've done things we haven't done for 70 years, and things that small private schools aren't likely to do. And a huge reason for that is Gary Patterson.

    I don't think we can realistically expect to be top 10 every year. 3 times since 2012 is pretty impressive.

    With that said there are obvious issues on offense. Part of that, though, is that we had the two highest rated QBs in history both flame out, and from consecutive classes. That left the coaching staff to go to plan C much faster than they would want.

    Yes we need a new play caller and some offensive changes. But we also were not far from a highly successful season this year, so comments that the game has passed Gary by are downright silly.
  6. Cheers.
  7. why would you have expected that? seriously - about 65% of P5 teams have a worse record in their conference over that same period than we do.

    I don't get where all you people who expected us to be compete for a conference title in a P5 conference every year got this idea...outside of about 6 - 8 teams in the P5, every other program tries to maximize their best years and deal with bad ones.

    This is not the MWC - I guess we should have stayed in the G5 since we were one of those 6 - 8 teams...
  8. and we do in more years that most teams in our conference - who may win more games than lose more often than we do but really never win a lot more in any one year - thus why they don't win Conference Championships or play in the CCG.

    See KSU, OSU, ISU, Tech, Texas for examples
  9. Over the last six seasons, TCU's 33-21 Big 12 record ranks second in the conference . You often can make numbers say whatever you want
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    curious how you get that 65% of P5 teams have worse than 39-33 ( .542) conference record over last 8 years. I'm not disagreeing; I just don't understand.

    That's not the case in the big 12; its 40%
  11. you're right. thats why multi year rolling averages are a better way of judging long term performance. and trends.
  12. Impressive editing
  13. Somewhere between Rutgers and Utah.
  14. So what are realistic expectations for a program like ours? When is OK to be disappointed? I tend to feel like our floor should always be 8 wins but maybe that’s crazy for a program like ours. We have folks around here who think we need to shut it down when we don’t hit 10....

    I don’t think it’s nuts for us to expect to finish with a winning conference record every year. That’s far from a CCG expectation especially given the fact that we are recruiting better than ever..
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  15. We beat OU twice. The one loss was after Stoops threw a hissy fit and had a call reversed. I think that was the same game, one of his players punched ours on the ground.
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  16. No reason we can't expect to be top 25 every year, though. Heck, most of the "analysts" on ESPN, SXM, etc. are fairly shocked at the down year we had. The good news is, GP follows up losing seasons with big seasons. I know folks pointed to that last year, but last year was not a losing season. So, from a tech. stand point, we like kick total ass next year.
  17. My guess is, GP keeps Cumbie. Then, gets a new strength and conditioning coach and o line coach. and, boom, big time improvement.
    Spoke with a friend who coached o line this weekend. was at the game. he was shocked and the slowness off the snap by the line. also just the size. not nearly aggressive enough.
  18. I am giving up. I have defended the coaching staff, but been disappointed. The most telling thing is that with 3 top-10 teams we never made it even into the teens recruiting. Although there are huge misses, there is still a huge difference between the average 5* and the average 3*. Our players are good after they have been developed 4-5 years....but not enough of them. Way too little depth. Way to few Gladneys, way too many mediocre players who never "grew up" i.e. they never developed from 2-3* to a good FBS player.

    The first Thursday of February look at 247's rankings. Almost all the top Texas (and many out of state) talent will have been offered by TCU, but very few will have signed with the Frogs. To say we don't go after the top talent and "we got who we wanted" is a lie. GP disputed the term "leftovers" in an article a year or two ago, but that's what they are. Sadly, our best recruiting has been on offense...just not the results. I imagine the offensive recruiting will go way down this year, perhaps with some top talent leaving through the portal, too. If something major isn't done this off season, I am afraid that is the end of the GP era of good teams...although probably years away from the end of the GP era. Doesn't look good any more for the next reorganizing of college football. We will be left out unless we get way better in a hurry.

    Sorry, I have been optimistic for years, not any more. I know when I am whipped. This my first year in 36 not to attend a TCU football game and my first year in 30 no to own season tickets. I just am tired of caring. Hopefully basketball will continue to improve and I can support that like I did the days of Sullivan and Tubbs. I fear ACS will become a deluxe White Elephant. Like Danny Glover said in Lethal Weapon "I'm gettin' too old for this s*** "
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  19. I'd say pretty dam good.
  20. If you consider 'good' from K. State on down, more power to ya. I consider our results against more than half the league as subpar at best.

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