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So TCU vs Alabama Talk Not Going Away?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Big Frog II, Jul 9, 2020.

  1. Lost a friend last night to COVID. 10 days after testing positive. Really sucks. Healthy and in his 50s. But keep telling yourselves this thing is political.
  2. Who writes your material? You can't think of this [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] yourself.
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  3. And then....

  4. I am sorry for your loss Froglass.

    This country is tearing itself apart.Somehow it needs to stop. I wish I had the answers.
  5. Frikkin squirrels.
  6. I am sorry to hear that.

    It is indeed political. While the virus has it's own strange predilections as to who it is most virulent with, in the vast majority of persons it is either a non-event or a mild cold. In some, it is deadly. Yet, to keep everyone locked up for what is a virus we cannot stop (and no, masks don't help) does no good. It only prolongs the time it takes for the virus to run through the population.
  7. Probably a good idea to simply give condolences to those who have lost someone and leave it at that regardless of any other opinions you may have. Or don't respond. I don't think the I'm sorry for your loss but now let me give you my political opinion move is a winning tactic.
  8. [ Arschloch]
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  9. Jeremy Clark has floated that we are playing potentially UNLV instead the last Saturday in August instead of Bama the following Saturday.
  10. Booooo!!!
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  11. UNLV was supposed to open Allegiant Stadium with Cal, who had to cancel. UNLV does not want to give up that game, considering the obstacles they had to clear to be able to play that game at Allegiant instead of Sam Boyd.
  12. I lost my grandmother to the flu 9 years ago. Why the scheiss did no one wear masks and social distance back in 2011? She could still be alive today. She'd be 94 but still, she died of the flu in 2011 because [ Arschloch]s refused to wear masks and social distance.
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  13. hmmmm....so it is possible justin rogers first game as a starter would be against tcu
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  14. UNLV. Ugh...
  15. I may be biased since I am local but I dont mind playing UNLV. Especially being the first ever game played at the new stadium. It would have the feeling of a big game to the casual locals around here, especially if they let some fans attend, its not like we would be playing them at Sam Boyd.
  16. Recommend 10 pumps on a Crosman American Classic 1322 pistol with a 14.3 grain hollow point pellet. Since it's only a pistol we'll need head shots at close range.
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  17. No one at that time was suggesting on an international stage that distancing and masks could save her life... given your position on this, you agree that no one should have done it then as well.
  18. Did he request a waiver? I guess he would need one since he hadn’t graduated.
  19. that is the word, though i don't know how accurate that word is on his waiver request.

    did find this interesting from "peak perspective" which is an sbnation site that covers unlv football

    "If Justin Rogers is eligible to play this season, he will play. He is a true dual treat who has a great arm and the quickness to keep defenses honest. With his arm, he has the ability to throw the deep ball, and with some of the receivers UNLV has, it could result in a legitimate passing game that the Rebels have been missing for some time.

    Justin Rogers fits the mold on what an ideal quarterback would be in Arroyo’s system. He is 6-foot-4, 240 pounds, with a big arm and the ability to run. And the fact that he is coming from a Power 5 program helps in terms of what type of competition he has faced."


    the argument always was justin wasn't ready to play because of his inability to run and the one time we saw him in the bowl game he wasn't looking like the player he was in high school in regards to his movement.

    one reason i have never completely bought into the sbnation groups of sites
  20. Murder Hornets, squirrels with bubonic plague, zombie ants, Global pandemic, etc.

    We’re all in Jumanji.

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