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So TCU vs Alabama Talk Not Going Away?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Big Frog II, Jul 9, 2020.

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    I made the comparison between Wyoming & Texas. In Wyoming late in June/early July, I did not see one person with a mask on in Laramie, Rawlins, rock springs, pinedale & I only saw a few people in Jackson. One of my good friends in Jackson had a customer almost hit her because she asked him to put on a mask.

    the mayor of Jackson finally had to put out a city order to wear a mask & he got shredded. The Governor would not do it because it would have guaranteed him getting voted out.

    so, I figured Texas was like Wyoming in that way, Especially when one of my good friends from clear lake got the virus. His wife is begging her friends & neighbors to wear a mask on Facebook after she has suffered horribly the last two weeks along with her husband & two of their kids.

    sorry if I offended you with the generalization. I said Republicans because any time I have criticized trump or anyone else with conservative views, I have been sharply criticized as a liberal even though I am a libertarian.

    Glad I am wrong about the masks & hope my friends & you & yours are safe as Harris county supposedly is almost out of hospital beds. Best wishes
  2. Well, the ESPN College Football Schedule is... depressing.


    But, with the ALA-USC matchup cancelled, and TCU-Cal also cancelled, and ALA already having their travel and logistics planned out, there is no reason not to get it done.

    There is a High School game scheduled for JerryWorld on 28 August between Austin Westlake and Southlake Carrol. "Social Distancing" is set up for attendance, with tickets being sold as Reserved only, in groups of four. These four-seat blocks will be checkerboarded through the stands for the required distancing.
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  4. Sorry, that game's off too- would have been fun to see Dodges take a crack at each other.
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  5. I have a pretty good source that says it is still on, as of earlier this morning...
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  6. In my part of Houston I'd say people have been 75% mask wearers since April. It's been 100% for the past 3-4 weeks
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  7. UIL changed its mind, still on as of now
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  8. All right! Did you take the intitative and head to the sporting goods store?
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  10. You guys did it to yourself. Don't want to wear a mask or social distance. I guess that is your right, but you will suffer the consequences in one way or another. To all those with this pov, thanks for ruining football, now YOU stay home then.
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  11. this is a bit right?
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  12. I keep hearing this all over. Blaming those not wearing masks for new shutdowns and cancelling events like football. You all really think if masks had a 100% compliance rate, that we wouldn't see shutdowns and cancellations? They would just find someone or something else to blame. Blaming "those not wearing masks" allows the politicians acting like dictators to shift blame and anger so the people get mad at someone other than them. If they can just get people to get mad at THOSE DAMN NON MASK WEARERS instead of the politicians, mission accomplished
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  13. So if we'd all worn masks the disease would just be gone.... got it. SMFH.
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  15. All the while there are sports being played all over the world (and in this country) and most all of them with few or no problems. There have been large scale high school baseball tournaments being held all over the country for over a month and I haven't heard of one player or coach getting hospitalized or dying. NOT ONE. The Texas Collegiate League has been playing baseball for weeks, again almost zero problems. Baseball in Korea, soccer all over Europe.... But whatever, we're all doomed.
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  16. Exactly.

    Drop all this nonsense and let's get back to living life.

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