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SMU's Last Vestige Of Revenge

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Pure Purple, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. With the decline of SMU football....basketball has now become a last hope of redemption. Wednesday's

    encounter with the Frogs will have a profound affect in enhancing their prestige within the metroplex.

    Be ready....expect their best shot!
  2. Agree we'll get their best. However, as someone who has watched each game and predicted trouble vs. Lipscomb, I think we smoke them Wednesday.
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  3. I used to be in a band called Vestige of Revenge.
  4. Ever play with these dudes?
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  5. They played Megadeth songs, excusively.
  6. My vestige is bigger than yours!
  7. We will lose this game tomm by 9
  8. If they lose there is always baseball...uh...
  9. How ya figure, boss?
  10. We have not played very well and have struggled to have an inside game in games we should have not had any trouble. We have not played away from home this year and SMU got their best player back last week. Ripe for an upset. Plus, ESPN game predictor only gives us a 40% chance of winning this game.

    Hope and pray I am wrong.
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  11. Less worried about SMU than I am about the USC game on Friday night in LA due to the fact that after we finish the SMU game at 11:00 pm CST and get back to FW around 12:30-1:00 am we have another game two time zones away in less than 48 hours.
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  12. ESPN Matchup Predictor Winning Percentage:

    SMU - 59.6%

    TCU - 40.4%
  13. Tight scheduling. My wish is that the team continues to get better as Noi and Fisher get back into playing shape. Having them out the first games really hurt, but a lot of Freshmen got playing time in their absence.
  14. Why did you predict trouble with Lipscomb?
  15. Everyone knows ESPN has an AAC bias.
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  16. I think this will be a tough game but one I expect us to play well in and win. Noi and Fisher make a huge difference plus along with the bench guys getting more experience the team should be better.
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  17. Anyone going?

  18. They also have TCU as a 1.5 favorite
  19. Because we have several players still getting the hang of D1 basketball, we were still a little injury-bitten and we were against a team that was the bully of their conference returning their top 6 guys. To be fair, I wasn't the only one predicting problems, and I didn't think we'd actually lose, just play too close.

    But SMU, I contend, has looked worse than normal-SMU, whereas I think our team is pulling it together. I will be surprised if we lose this.
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  20. Fair points. I do not see where the predictor number comes from. Seems very misaligned with what has happened on the court so far this year.

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