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SMU's Last Vestige Of Revenge

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Pure Purple, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Prepare to be surprised.
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  2. Aight. Hope you will have your shinebox handy for postgame.
  3. I think we split these two games.
  4. Hope our 20 year olds can handle the 3-hour flight to LA
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  5. We are not good and hopefully will be in the market for a new coach come March. And we need to start cheating again.

    I think the ESPN predictor is BS; I would give TCU a slight edge in this one, although we’ve looked better since Foster returned last week.
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  6. Thanks for the response. Still can't lost to teams like that, especially when we're ranked top 25.
  7. And TCU is a 69% spread consensus pick on their Pick Center. This data comes from sportsbooks and is an indicator of betting patterns. I'll go with that.

    All depends on what metrics are used.
  8. SMU leads the all-time series, 106-86, and SMU has won four of the last five. Tonight: SMU 68,
    TCU 61.
  9. When was that one in the 4 of 5?
  10. I actually think TCU wins this one. Either team is capable. My gut just says TCU.
  11. Excellent
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  12. Blind squirrel......

    And sorry, we have won five of the last six.
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  13. Well you’re 1-1 in the last two. ;)
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  14. Hate the 9pm start. No clue why the Horns couldn’t start their game 6pm and us play at 8pm.
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  15. Nearly everyone we played beat us from 2002-2015. No big deal there.
    Under Tubbs the Frogs were 11-2 against the ponies, and some of those SMU teams were pretty good, vs the woeful TCU teams SMU beat later.
    Frankly it is like TCU bragging about their record against SMU in football the last 30 years. Big deal.
  16. Body clocks may be off.
  17. ZomboMeme 05122018230532.jpg
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  18. Almost dead on, well other than picking the wrong team. 0-2 last 2 yrs
  19. Nope. Flip it.
  20. Any further comments? See you in 12 months.

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