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Since golf is the only sport on now really...a quick note about a couple pro Frogs...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Jul 6, 2020.

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    So most of us know Tom Hoge and JJ Henry are playing the PGA Tour but a couple other Frogs are still trying to compete on the Korn Ferry Tour...

    Robbie Ormond Monday qualified today with a 9 under 63 to make the KF event in San Antonio. JJ Killeen did not qualify today but should be back on the KF tour later this year at some point.

    Killeen has one of the best Twitter pages I've ever seen...he's freaking hilarious and has a ton of great golf tips. Go give him a follow...its awesome.

    Yep...following the Korn Ferry tour closely now....sympton of extreme sports deprivation.

  2. Love JJH and Hoge. Hope we get some more Frogs on the big tour. But Xander Schauffele has my favorite swing on tour now. Ernie, Freddy, Goosen before. Smooth tempo.
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  3. You made that up.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Um...NASCAR said bye a couple weeks ago with all their woke BS...
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  6. And you have Paul Barjon with full card for Korn Ferry.
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. you’re not roping me into that one.
  9. props. you called it.
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  10. So, this is golf related, and not a thread derail.
    Would be safe to assume that the Tour knew the considerably high percentage of covid tests that had shown false positives coming into their restart of the season. Given that multiple players had to sit out due to what were false positive tests of either themself or someone near them (caddy, etc.), is the Tour revamping those rules and offering a retest after 72 hours?

    Also, did anybody else think the Rocket Mortgage whatever at Detroit was a boring tourney? Maybe it is because the first week was Colonial and the first tourney back, followed by Harbour Town which is such a cool test, followed by Travelers with it's crazy layout ... But this past weekend just seemed blah.
  11. Another question,

    Anybody agree with a certain PGA Tour Radio host that Bryson is killing the game of golf? (I don't see it that way - yet. He had won before the bulk up and he has not won multiple tourney's since. So he seems on his pace as he was before. Although he has ranked highly in most tourneys.
  12. There’s only been 4 tourneys since the COVID lay-off where he threw on another 20-30 pounds.

    But like Bonds when he juiced, he was great before, and didn’t ruin the game after.
  13. Good point.
    Next questions, why the scheiss can't I cut an 8 iron as easy as I can a 6 iron? Really not a pga tour issue, but its driving me nuts.

  14. Doesn’t have anything to do with your post outside of Bryson winning before but damn. I realize golf is a lot deeper than it was back then but damn.
  15. Yeah, I'm keen to that debate. Yes, more golfers today, but as you indicate, Those were some numbers Tiger was throwing down.
    It's a worthy debate. But it is also like the debate about who is better, The Bear or Saban. Both had advantages that the other did not. Both had challenges.
    In golf, a lot of these young guns had way more tech on their side as they came up. Most never hit a driver with a metal shaft. But he also did not face folks who were in the same shape as he was, like he would now.

    But the dude won 28 in his first 100.
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  16. Pretty boring course and a much weaker field than the weeks before. Those two things combined with no crowds watching makes for a snoozer.
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  17. yeah, it was a pretty flat layout.
    Not sure why I was expecting a more interesting course, but it gave the view of being almost muni trackish.
  18. What? Surely there will be equestrian.
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  19. The members of the team are likely showing at events on their own right now. There are competitions going on. pretty easy to social distance at a equine arena.

    I know this because I have no life.
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