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  1. As George Carlin said, don't sweat the petty things.

    And don't pet the sweaty things.
  2. Bingo!
  3. Sorry I’m late here. Was the suicide stuff in relation to Jim or the UF coach?
  4. Neither...but more so the UF coach
  5. When do the good things get here?

  6. I’m expecting this to be Nate Yeskie at Arizona.
  7. About 60 for me.
  8. Schlossnagle in an aggie uniform just looks queer
  9. I find the whole aggie aura queer.
  10. At the end of the press conference their president or AD asked everyone to be careful leaving so they didn’t slip on any bubbles.

    Schloss had an awkward smile...was probably second guessing this decision and starting to wonder what the hell he’s gotten himself into.
  11. Starting to think his decision to leave is a simple product of him wanting to satisfy his curiosity of what it would be like to coach at a big state school, with a gigantic fan base, in a big stadium, playing on the road in other big SEC stadiums, and not having to deal with the added difficulty of recruiting to a private school.

    I think he’ll ultimately regret this decision one day.
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  12. A big state school is one thing. Putting up with all that Aggie B.S. in another. It would weird me out instantly.
  13. Sounds like we may be in a holding pattern til CWS is over
  14. I bet he’ll ditch those maroon softball pullovers.
  15. When Aggy hires the head football coach, they send the maroon carpet and the corps marching band. When Texas hires a head football coach, they send Matthew McConaughey to the house with a bag of weed.
  16. with his bongos in a robe.
  17. If you're correct and a grown man is swayed by those things, then no wonder teenage recruits are wowed by such things.
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