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  1. I figured it would be more prudent for all conversation of the situation with Schloss coming to one thread. Silence isn't great, but we should expect some news over the next couple of days. The Aggies are expecting something on Wednesday.
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  2. Do you think this is a done deal?
  3. Yes, I do.
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  4. I got banned indefinitely on TexAgs for saying: A&M has a good shot at Schloss, with his recent divorce, he's looking for an ugly woman....
  5. They were worried that he would steal their wives.
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  6. We get an assistant coach and two Aggie basketball players for the player to be named later (Schloss)…..I’m kinda cool with that…..really after the past few weeks
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  7. Somewhere Franchione is giggling.
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  8. I don’t trust that our AD did what was needed to keep Jim or that he has the ability to conduct a proper search and hire the right guy.
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  9. Maybe Schloss could hire CDC back

  10. So is Boomer White
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  11. Will we get a “bleed purple or bleed out” tweet from Kenny Cain?
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  12. I am watching these games across the country. These teams are good. Their pitchers don’t take deep breaths on key pitches, they don’t talk to themselves when they get in trouble and they don’t walk a lot of hitters. They basically just throw strikes. Their hitters don’t stare at the bat between every pitch. They just hit. On defense, they seem to have great shortstops. They make few errors.

    We have developed some bad habits that need to be corrected. Maybe a new coach is not that bad after all.
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  13. promote from within..
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  14. What game are you watching with good pitching?
  15. I'll admit that the "routines" drive me insane. Everybody doing the exact same thing (staring at the bat, turning around behind the mound) bugs me and feels forced. It seems to produce results so I'm OK, but I wouldn't miss that aspect at all.
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  16. Bill is great but will not be our next HC

    Sides seem torn if he would stay or go - but more likely he would be an Aggy than our next HC
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  17. What’s wrong with taking a deep breath on big pitches/at bats?
  18. Riveting…

    Drew will be the last person to know…..

    you can’t unofficially offer a guy who doesn’t have a agent a job - so either they have talked numbers or they haven’t offered him the job

    Guessing at this point it’s all negotiating since we didn’t step up
  19. Whatever happens, some of you will be glad he went, and some of your will be mad he went. Time will tell.
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