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Say Hi to Wes to help him keep his spirit up

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. You are really loved by many, many people. That's more than most folks can say.

    Now, get out of that hospital.
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  2. Thanks Doc
  3. Tomorrow I hope. The food here is god awful
  4. Thanks for the kind words
  5. Thanks everyone

    No pain today, which is great. Not sure what drug they gave me but I want more
  6. Get better soon, Wes. Sending prayers and best wishes.
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  7. Pulled this from the 'special collection' file in my climate controlled special photo cellar:


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  8. 124BCBFD-1F37-4DC7-B3F6-6A923D41476C.jpeg
  9. Feel better soon Wes!

    Frogs have a National Championship to go win this year, and I expect you to be around to see it happen.

    With love,

    Your favorite pain in the ass.
  10. Generally speaking I'm a big fan of that treatment decision. Get well soon, Wes!
  11. Had never seen that, and wish it stayed that way.


    Hang in there, Wes!
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  13. Wes the Longhorn calf, coming to your TCU tailgate BBQ Pit this fall in Lot 4.

    I'll bring the potato salad.
  14. It's okay. There were Texas Longhorns in Texas before there were T-sips.
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  15. Hang in there, Wes

    You have a lot of folks pulling for you. God Bless
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  16. All the blessings in the world to you, my friend. Hospitals are no fun since they did away with candy stripers!
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  17. Wes, tell them to get you well real soon so you can get out of there and keep this place headed positive, like you, and on the up and up. We've got you in our prayers.

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