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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bleedpurple, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. refs covering for the irish.
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  2. Still better than the big 10 and pac 12

  3. [​IMG]
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  5. Apparently Brian Estridge mentioned on WBAP before the SMU game was canceled that we were planning to wear BLM patches on our jerseys this season, just like KSstate did.

    Going to be extremely disappointed if this is the case.
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  6. I literally watched the game from that injury delay until the end. I have no idea what conference crew called that game but yes...I seem to recall that the Frogs get called for holding by Big 12 crews. That said...what happened on that play wasn’t holding. It was form tackling followed by bulldogging.

    And I’m not working on a vaccine. Not worth the time or trouble. Save far more people working on glycemic control. My company has already said they’d have a vaccine ready to go by sometime in mid-2021 according to our pacing.
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  7. Sooooo, who had Sun Belt Conference for September?
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  8. It is disappointing, at the very least, to hear that TCU could be pimping such an organization. BLM is a Marxist Terror/grifting outfit. Nothing more.

    Want to wear a patch? How about "End Racism"? Maybe "Character, Not Color"? But noooo...
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  10. I'm told to buy stock in dialysis companies. Lots of it.
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  12. Might not be the best time for Gary to be the guy that wouldn't let his players put "BLM" on their jerseys considering the issue we already had this fall.
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  13. While a lesson of great importance could be taught and absorbed, I believe you are probably right. He has a lot of other crap to deal with.
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  14. Like iTunes downloads?
  15. Does the wording really matter? NFL Opener started with a moment of silence for unity and the dummies living in KC booed the effort. You will never please the masses with an end racism or celebrate equality slogan either, so why even try to appease the haters?
  16. more worried about how focused they may not be.

  17. [​IMG]

    Glad I didn’t buy tickets this year
  18. While "Black Lives Matter" ran on every video/ribbon board in the stadium. A large segment of society is over it (not agreeing or disagreeing).
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  19. I agree. Play football and leave all the other stuff outside the game.
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  20. Well, I would never have wasted my money on the NFL in the first place. But, had I been gifted great tickets, whisked to Kansas City on a nice Gulfstream stocked with Vueve Cliquot for the trip, and brought by limo to the KC Football dump, I'd have still booed my lungs out at the NFL, Management, Coaches, and most especially the Players for even entering into the realm of lefty politics.

    "Unity" my hind foot...

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