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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bleedpurple, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. Might be first game jitters but Iowa St not living up to the hype. Might be the type of team that really feeds off their crowd like Tech. And now they don’t have one
  2. Are there any fans at the Iowa State game?

    EDit. Oh now I see some.
  3. Iowa State always plays bad in its first game... multiple FCS losses over the past 10 years or so, needed OT to beat Northern Iowa last year.
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  4. Why are the FOX announcers acting like WVU's offense has all of a sudden become the 2019 LSU offense? Did they miss Eastern Kentucky losing 59-0 last week to Marshall?
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  5. I’d rather not watch football than have to suffer through a Notre Dame game (unless they’re losing of course.)
  6. Did Iowa State not paint their field?
  7. I switched from the WVU game to K-State. More of a game going on.
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  8. Iowa St fortunate that cumbie is moonlighting for ULL.
  9. Understand...I’m not a Notre Dame fan either, but I think they’ll have a good team.
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  10. This is an interesting point I hadn’t thought of. Makes you start thinking about the other teams that get 1-3 wins per season they shouldn’t get if not for their fans willing them to win.

    Va Tech? The insufferable cultists at College Station?
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    Yeah, you’re probably right. Makes it even more infuriating this year as less teams are playing so the football media will be slobbering all over ND even more so than they already normally do.
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  12. Iowa State looking like Iowa State circa 1990...
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  13. 24-14 Louisiana up on Clones early in 4th
  14. Not a great start for big 12
  15. true, but regardless of today's results it is a start which means better than the games that weren't played by the pac of the big 10
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  16. KState looking shaky.
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  17. Arkie St goes up 28-21
  18. JD would have a field day against IOSt special teams.
  19. Mrs. Brewingfrog just switched over to the K State match. I see they are pimping a Marxist Terror organization on their jerseys.

    I hope they lose every game.
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  20. At Lunch and watching Iowa st game. What do they have on jersey?

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