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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bleedpurple, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. This.
  2. Sounds like you’d make a wonderful party guest!
  3. Big 12 got Belted.
  4. So they kept preaching "unity" yet they had 2 separate anthems and pitting one race against another. I'm not sure if there could have been a bigger "anti-unity" message than the "unity" message they preached. Give us a break.
  5. Black Lives Matter is a marxist movement that pops up every 4 years come election season, using racial equality as a smokescreen to hide their true actual motives which is economic and cultural marxism. Polling shows the movement has higher approval ratings among whites with a college degree than non-whites, which shows you its a vanity movement for white liberals to feel good about themselves

    It makes me upset because you can tell a lot of these head coaches are being forced into it. Mack Brown wearing his BLM shirt he looked like he'd rather be wearing a cocktail dress. These coaches aren't doing it because they believe in the movement, they are doing it because they will lose their team if they don't. That's the definition of extortion
  6. tenor (20).gif

    For folks that claim they dont want politics in their sports you guys sure are anxious to add to the political noise.

    Crying out loud, there's actual football being played. If you're that butthurt over a two inch patch with letters that trigger you, take it to the pit.
  7. You claim to be a registered libertarian. However, communist propaganda during football games doesn’t bother you but anti communist discussions on a football board does?

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  8. "Communist propaganda", cripes. I'm trying to imagine more laughable hyperbole but it's not coming to mind.

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  9. It's still weird to see Georgia Tech not running triple option....and yet somehow be just as boring.
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  10. I always thought the Geoff Collins hire for GT was poor, Geoff Collins took over for Matt Rhule at Temple and took them backward, and always had bad offenses. So its no surprise GT offense is ass.

    It would be the equivalent of a school hiring Sonny Cumbie as a head coach and expecting a solid offense
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  11. KenPom says 75% of the time you are crazy every time. Yowza.
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  12. Solution = don’t wear and promote political statements/positioning on the jersey or scoreboard or ribbon and presto...no problems!
  13. Love fall Saturdays screenshot4.png
  14. Boo-frickin-hoo, Mr. Shut Up.
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  15. I guess the OU game is not on TV today? Is the opponent that bad?
  16. I think it's a PPV.
  17. Correct. PPV Only.
  18. UTSA and Texas State is a decent game.
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