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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bleedpurple, Sep 12, 2020.

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  2. Good god ISU.
  3. wrong team
  4. BLM = Bureau of Land Management
  5. Anyone else heard the rumor that Max has been cleared and is back at practice. Buddy just called and told me he heard that last night. God I hope he's right.
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  6. K-State lucky that #41 had that very boneheaded penalty on 3rd and 33 in the 4th quarter, or this could be a dire 2.5 minutes.

    Also, our guys need to be ready for some sick holding by Kstate.
  7. Heard same thing. Not getting my hopes up though.
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  8. No excuses to lose to Iowa State or K State at home, regardless of who we have at QB

    If ULL can hold Iowa State to 14 there is no reason our defense can't.

    And Kansas State has been outplayed in this game.

    Then again I said we have no business losing to WVU at home last year after Texas Tech destroyed them and we did anyway
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  9. I feel like this has been Iowa States m.o. the last few years. They always start putrid, then lose to Iowa, but improve as the year goes on.
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  10. I have a question... how many players will we see opt out of the season after their team gets off to a bad start and is eliminated from playoff/conference title contention

    I could easily see it happening
  11. It was mentioned on another site by a poster. Maybe there will be some confirmation soon.
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  12. I remember saying how Iowa State would be an easy win after UNI took them to 2 overtimes last year. I was wrong. But our loss vs. Iowa State was more because they were able to run the same play over and over again, a stretch to the left, knowing we did not have the defensive end play to be able to stop it. Similar to playing a video game and winning by using a cheap exploit.
  13. Red Wolves lookin' kinda salty today...glad we scheduled Smoo.

    Oh...wait...I forgot...n/m...
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  14. Yeah, not sure what the anti-Iowa St. stuff on here is. They are wearing a patch honoring Jack Trice, their first African American player, who died from injuries sustained in his second game back in 1923. They named their stadium after him back in '97.
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  15. Pretty sure the anti-ISU stuff has to do with their play and not their jerseys...
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  16. KState has areas of the stadium where seats are sectioned off by the stringed flats. seems like a good idea to do stadium wide.
  17. Yeah, my post was directed at their 17 point loss to U Louisiana.
  18. yeah, I don't think anybody has a problem with Trice.
  19. KSU about to lose to Ark St. Gave up close to 500 yards of offense. Them and ISU better be 2 W's for us.
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