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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wilson912, Jan 26, 2020.

  1. Someone should have told Gil that Mosley was going to ruin his business. I didn’t read another article after they hired him.
  2. I was blocked by Mosley back around 2014 for some snarky anti-Baylor comment I'm sure, and haven't thought about him since then until he started writing for the Pressbox. always thought that was an interesting strategy by media members, seeing how their jobs depends on pageviews/subscribers and the accessibility with social media seems help drive it.

    Oh well now I can go back to forgetting his existence.
  3. Someone one should also figure out hiring Mosley is the quickest way to go out of business.
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  4. Sounds like they figured that one out.
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  5. Has anyone talked to Gail Lebreton? She may be easier to get a hold of regarding her father.
  6. The epitome of #BaylorTears
  7. I haven’t watched several football games with gail, if you know what i mean.
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  8. As I said before when he published on DFWsports, I dropped it that day. Not going to pay to listen to some Baylor guy while
  9. I had originally paid for an annual plan. I just turned off auto renew. Doubt I ever support anything from any of these writers again. No wonder people do not support local media anymore.

    Just a terrible experience with terrible communication.
  10. Embarrassing.

    How long until the ST is out of business I wonder?
  11. I thoroughly enjoyed my subscription for about 10 months. It's the last month and a half or so that have been very bizarre. Really makes me think something terrible is happening with Gil. He's always struck me as better than this. I've never known him to vanish for months at a time. I'm not ready to go quite this far in my criticism of the group. I only had a beef with Whitt and Mosely. Everyone else was great.
  12. But Gil is one of like 15 writers they had. I understand if something is going on with him, but all of the other writers have stopped adding content. On top of that, they all went radio silent.

    I always thought the Star-Telegram organization was the big problem with the sports section and not the writers. Maybe I had it wrong the whole time?
  13. Hadn't been a post on their FB page or Twatter since December 11, 2019. Weird.
  14. Have to wonder if there's any legal fun going on.
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  15. That has to be it the way it completely shut down
  16. Gil was/is the founder so he is the key to this mystery or ponzi scheme
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  17. Random Thought:

    I listen to the Ticket and non the other two local sports stations, but Ben & Skin are sitting out a non-compete and are supposed to announce their next move soon. Any chance they could all be in on a project together?
  18. I think they'll end up at the Ticket in the Rhyner's old spot with Corby D........at least one of them.
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  19. B&S are going to the Eagle. No way anyone involved with Press Box would be involved in that venture.
  20. It will most likely be Jake. Donny deserves it but he has better chemistry with Sirois and they'll take 10-noon when Norm retires, which will probably be later this year.

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