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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by MTfrog5, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Whoa
  2. i think what gets overlooked, forgotten, ignored, heck pick your favorite predicate in regards to this roster and the current situation in the offensive line is where this program is relative to where it was just a few years ago.

    the concern today is whether or not ct can meld together a functioning offensive line out of a group of prospects that include the two highest rated o-line recruits since 2000 according to 247 (wes harris and austin meyers), a highly regarded center prospect in hollins, a juco aa tackle in mckinney, and a proven o-lineman in niang who has shown he can absolutely maul people and will be the frogs next o-lineman in the nfl if he makes the commitment to be as good as his talent

    no given's yet, words on the street, practice reports, and stars are nice but production is all that matters, but consider where this program was just a few years ago in the offensive line.

    2012 we have 3 true freshmen play in big v, hunt, and collins. goodness knows what happens if v picks tech and collins stays with uh.

    2013 people get excited because james dunbar is finally academically eligible and can play. think about that compared to the concerns in the o-line right now.

    heck, i haven't mentioned tayo transfers in, misses a year, comes. i know there were a number of external factors and it was a great story but once again compare that versus where this program is today when we are talking about which 2 of the 3 top ot prospects do we have will start.

    don't know who starts, just know it is a damn good time to be a tcu football fan
  3. I don't think so.... I don't see it on the other streets
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  4. No doubt..:the talent and depth is outrageously good right now. Better than any time in GPs reign. No purple glasses here..We are a few lucky breaks from a playoff birth. Whether anyone outside of this fan base recognizes that are not is irrelevant. GP and the staff knows it and If I was asked to bet on GP or some other coach to grow a kid into his potential...I’ll bet GP every time.
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  5. Good Source Boulevard.
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  6. Which is heavier: a sh_t ton, a piss ton or a ton of fans?
  7. Which is near Chipotle Lane.
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  8. Sprained left nostril. Out for season.
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  9. Unscathed??...His mom was pretty clear with GP that he could only play if he didn’t get his uniform dirty and was home before dark
  10. Threw me for a loop. Kind of like the Roll Toad on the other site did.
  11. Toll Road - Your Tuck Fexas
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Excited about all of this.

    Michael O is a big CB (6-1 per 247)and had a great offer sheet too. Offers from Nebraska, ISU and half the pac12, among others.
  14. 69 Chipotle Court... it’s a nice place for rumors

    Edit: frognosticator beat me to it

    (How is steel these days??)
  15. It’s worth it.
  16. I know, just haven't renewed, will prob do when #recruitingisheatingup
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  17. Word on the boulevard is that his Restful Leg Syndrome is flaring up again.
  18. The fall/spring reports and also the period from December 1 through signing day is when it’s the best IMO.
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  19. Just a reminder than Daniels can definitely play CB

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