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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by MTfrog5, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. looks like GP having his media availability
  2. damn. that sucks about vongor.
  3. And so it begins.
  4. scheissing scheiss.

  5. And for some good news
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  6. shame on vonger and the biggest concern i have about this month before games start. you have to let them hit and go full speed to get a true evaluation, but there is this type of collateral.

    vai just can't seem to stay healthy for long. hope it is small thing,
  7. mike o playing corner is very interesting. watching his hs video he really looked long and i thought was very underrated. if i remember he was from a very educated family and seemed like a great mix of talent, frame, and brains

    wow, he and noah would give tcu 2 corners legit 6'+ and ~200 lbs. can't recall ever having 2 players at corner near that size
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  8. Not sure how much of an impact he was gonna have on this years team. We’re pretty set at that position, especially with Issahaku still being with us. Just hope it’s not a bad injury.
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  9. Yeah he’s built like a safety so if GP likes how he’s covering then that’s huge.
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  10. along with Gladney, who is 6' with elite speed, that is a nice rotation of corners for the next two years.
  11. I thought cornerbacks had to be about 5’5”.
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  12. mike was one of the top 5 athletes coming out of cali his senior year and somehow a 3-star which i thought was laughable. that state produces so much talent and they don't throw the resources at the high school programs like in texas. kid's have some serious upside.

    look, if gary, modkins, and paul gonzales think mike o has the potential to play the position that is all i need to hear. this is the time to try it and if he does make that switch that would be a big help in depth and future at the position

    i would also love to see tcu continue to recruit the cali high school ranks. texas is doing it hard this year and i really think we have a great deal to offer.
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  13. Vongor news is disappointing.

    Really stoked to hear about young guys stepping up at corner..We’ll need the depth
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  14. Word on the street is that this team is really, really good. Shawn Robinson has been killing it at practice and the offensive line is better than expected. Only glaring known issue is depth at the corner positions, but the first team corners are legit especially Gladney.

    I'm excited about this team and I hope we torch Ohio State on national TV and I also hope a sh_t ton of TCU fans turn out at the game to help cheer us on to victory if it ends up being tight down the stretch in the fourth quarter.
  15. scheissing sprinkler heads!!!
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  16. Has Song made if through the first week unscathed?
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  17. Hmmm....What street would this be coming from...
  18. Someone stealing info from another street and posting it on this street, hmm?
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  19. I didn’t hear that on the other street.
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  20. Haven't ventured over to that street in a while since it's a toll road.
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