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Possible Incoming Basketball Transfers

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. good for the frogs as they need all the talent they can bring to this roster.

    one paper if bane returns there is one slot left so it will be interesting to see where they use that spot unless others are leaving the program.
  2. Really like that move! Now a grad transfer please.

  3. With the last scholarship I would rather get a grad transfer than a German who has no experience on this side of the pond. I think our need is for a guy that can play the 5 and I’m not sure Ihnen can do that.

    I’m kind of hoping CJD is playing the long game in that the team will have years to get better together. That might mean next year is sort of a throwaway season to get the young guys experience. I would love to see Fuller, Farabello, Smith, Pearson get plenty of time to go with KD, Samuel and RJ. If Lat and Barlow can give us good minutes then we should, at least, be competitive.
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  4. A guy who is a true 4 who can sub at 5 would be perfect. Just a role player who takes up space, rebounds and plays defense would be nice.
  5. i agree i would really like to see a grad transfer who can play the 4/5.

    concerned about the defensive end with the opposing bigs come out from the block. samuel got exposed last year having to play at times 15-18 feet from the basket on the defensive end of the floor.

    jd is gone, not sure what barlow can do that far out defensively and not sure about lat as he looked like he wanted to be a 3 and not a 4. he averaged a defensive rebound for every 8 1/2 minutes he played which isn't great for a 6'9" player.
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  6. I don’t want a throwaway year.
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  7. No German without experience playing in the US has ever to come to the DFW area and amounted to [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] as a basketball player.
  8. Oh yea what about Uwe Blab, oh wait he went to IU. Okay how about Detlef Schrempf?

    Can't name any others...
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  9. So you would rather have him than a grad transfer big? My opinion is we have a bigger need for a center who can give us good minutes. How good was Dirk as a rookie, if you forgot he was very average. If Ihnen commits then I’ll be behind him cheering him on but I don’t think he will have the impact next year that a GT would.
  10. To be fair, Dirk wasn't Dirk for a few years after coming to Dallas. That same trajectory in college would give us a couple years of waiting before seeing a productive player.
  11. [​IMG]

    For Bane speculation
  12. I just assumed everyone would see the sarcasm.
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  13. easley can't play until next year and even if bane comes back he only has one year left any how so you are saying exactly what?
  14. uwe also played a year or two at a high school in central illinois before going to iu. christian welp i think went straight from germany to uw with detlef.

    if the frogs had a shot at a 4/5 grad transfer who could help out next year all for it.
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  15. I’d be tickled with a Hamdy type grad pick-up
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  16. We need a grad transfer who can play immediately, is Easley getting a waiver by any chance? We need a legit 3 pt shooter and one more big man. Samuel is good and started dominating at the end but we need someone who can come in when he needs a breather. We saw a few times where if he was in foul trouble or worn out we suffered defensively.

  17. the only catch with what you have asked for is that unless someone else is leaving the frogs have 1 slot left on the roster.

    big issue with taking on two transfers who have to sit out a year to play is they don't fill holes in the roster next year and outside of bane there is no proven threat behind the 3-point line and only 3 bigs on the roster.

    i guess you hope for a big who can shoot 3's? hope smith and fuller can contribute behind the arc? davis has to get better and rj has to provide some degree of threat as well. he just can not shoot 30% from 3 again.
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  18. Farabello will be interesting. Hard to step in and excel immediately but if he could be legit by early 2020 would be great. Question will be is he a pure point guard or is he also a legit threat at SG? If pure point, would not mind having a 25/15 minute PG split. If both, would be nice to have another SG threat. Hate to have too high expectations for freshmen but...
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  19. you ask a good question and i do think frogs are going to need to do some split of the point guard duties if they push the ball and/or depend on the point to continue to create so much in the half court offense
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