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POLL: Do you want TCU to play Bama in season opener?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 16, 2020.


Do you want TCU to play Bama in season opener?

  1. Yes

    156 vote(s)
  2. No

    22 vote(s)
  3. Unsure

    7 vote(s)
  1. Must be tough being this scared. In what world is a GP TCU losing by 50 points? OU got drummed by possibly the best college football team of all time in LSU last year. GPs defense will keep TCU in the game. I don't think anyone actually thinks we could beat Bama or gives us more than a 15% chance. But crazier things have happened in college football so you still play the game.
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  2. Tcu can’t beat a G5 lower division school (schmoo). Tcu then loses by 25 pts to Iowa State !! Let that sink in !!

    And.......it should have been a 32 pt loss but ISU had mercy on the poor Frogiies and knelt down at end of game so hapless Froglets wouldn’t get feelings hurt by getting beat by 32 pts. So ISU knelt down at end of game so frogs would not get azzzzwhipped as bad.

    Now according to some world class Alice-In-Wonderland foolish daydreamers - Tcu is now ready to take on the probable National Championship team and that team has the best Coach in the history of college football. !! This is just world class idiocy.

    And Tcu is going to “do well” in this game according to theses clowns on this board - with the following personnel -

    A new OLine that in paper looks to be very weak with numerous young players probably being forced into starting spots due to lack of upperclassman competence

    DEs who were the worst in the League last season

    A 192 lb starting LB (Winters) - seriously is this some kind of a joke ? A 190 pound LB in P5 football and Tcu “will do well” against a powerhouse SEC team ? This is just embarrassing !!

    WRs who can’t catch

    QB who had the worst passing rating in the League.

    2 freshman RBs who have never started before in a college game

    BUT YUP TCU WILL BE VERY COMPETETIVE AND MIGHT WIN VS THE BEST SEC TEAM IN THE COUNTRY !! You bet ! Bring it on !! We are ready ! Our offense will score !! Our weak OLine will tear their #1 in the nation defense to shreds ! Our 190 pound LB will stuff that National Championship SEC team ! Bring it on baby we are ready !!

  3. LMAO at anyone who voted yes. No game at all is better than Tcu looking like a bunch of clowns on national Tv and getting beat 66-3 and getting exposed as a joke.

    Tcu OLine will be very poor at beginning of season due to having all newbies or guys who have never been able to hold onto starting spot (Myers, Hollins, etc).

    Tcu will throw a 190 pound starting LB (Winters) at Bama. The entire national TV audiencecwill laugh at the stupidity of that.

    Tcu DEs were worst on League

    Tcu WRs were worst in league

    Tcu QB was worst passer in league

    Tcu could not beat a G5 team (Schmoo) and could not win even 4 games in their own league but now can take on the probable national champion team ?

    LMAO on anyone who voted yes

    Total humiliation on national tv is way worse than no game at all. Especially if Evans gets shut down (which Bama will make a point to do to him since he spurned SEC) and then Evans considers transfer portal after humiliating loss.

    And Duggan gets injured and out for year because lousy OLine can’t protect him and he gets sacked all night long.

    This idea is horribly bad from all angles.

  4. Why is that troll here?
  5. The question is why are people responding.
  6. That's the best question. Any response should be sarcastic at best.

    Must be sad to the troll when he's losing the target audience.
  7. I know, right? Reminds me of this one time my friend Tom was with us in a booth at the Whataburger downtown. This fool was bored so he took a lighter and lit his hair ablaze, then ran screaming out of the restaurant. Everyone but us was mortified and thinking something was seriously wrong. We were laughing our asses off and knew he had just mentioned he was going for a haircut the next day anyway.

    He's a commercial pilot now, true story.
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  8. That reminds me of this one time, at band camp....(sorry, I had to #tcudoc it...hey, there's no sports so....)
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  9. Understand the yes votes, voted yes myself, understand the no votes, at least they are taking a stand, but the unsure votes, who voted unsure?
  10. Just play the damn game already!
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  11. How's rehab going? Asking for a friend.
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  12. I think it’s been drinking Clorox to cure its mental issues. Clearly backfired.
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  13. Everybody knows that Clorox only works on the virus. Or Trump. Can't remember which.
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  14. Apparently Wyoming didn’t get the memo lol
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  15. think wyoming's drink of choice might be something other than clorox

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  16. lol.
    what's funny is I'm seeing an ad for Liquid Plumber on the killerfrogs website now...
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  17. So, this isn’t happening, right?
  18. Probably not. The PAC really hasn't got any decent reason to not open back up for business. Too much money is at stake.
  19. Just want to see the frog play, anybody... period !
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