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POLL: Do you want TCU to play Bama in season opener?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 16, 2020.


Do you want TCU to play Bama in season opener?

  1. Yes

    153 vote(s)
  2. No

    20 vote(s)
  3. Unsure

    7 vote(s)
  1. Yes, he’s probably posting just to drive traffic on the site.
  2. Interesting take, but Minnesota has future H&H's with BYU, Colorado, North Carolina, and... California. And they recently played us OOC.

    Not sure why you'd try to put them in the same category with Baylor.
  3. Lighten up Francis. It's not like if we get blown out the entire team and fanbase gets executed.
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  4. I’d just be thrilled to see the athletes returning to campus. Supposedly that is going to happen later next month.
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  5. 85% of the TCU fans on here want this Bama game...Let's make it happen ADJD.
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  6. Steel has been here somewhat recently.
  7. Unhinged idiocy. Do u not have anything better to do with your time?
  8. Saban's Alabama defenses have difficulties with speed.
    Maybe spread them out and keep them guessing?
    Their qb will be starting for the first time, right?
    That's right up GP's alley.
    With good game planning, it could possibly be interesting for at least til halftime or until the 4th quarter. Who knows. Possibly find out how their players react under pressure.
    Big game experience for Frog's young team to see how they'll react.
    I'll take the national exposure and big time game experience over the fear of losing any day.
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  9. no
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  10. Yeah, the poster has a schtick with multiple iterations but always essentially the same, like a case of chronic hemorrhoids that show up from time to time just to be a pain in the azz...
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  11. Look at their schedule last season and this season. That was really my only point... both Minnesota and Baylor were way over-ranked at times last season based on their weak schedule. Not to mention the Big 10 West doesn't get talked about as being terribly weak.

    2019: S Dakota St, Fresno State, Georgia Southern.
    2020: Fl Atlantic, Tennessee Tech, BYU.

    BYU hasn't been good for years
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    You're certainly entitled to an opinion. But for most people, Minnesota's bowl win over Auburn took care of the overrated, over ranked opinion.
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  13. How many starts does he have?
    That's right.
    Tua was hurt for how many games?
    I still stand by GP confusing him.
  14. 8 starts ain't seasoned.
  15. Weren’t they like #6 at one point?
  16. Steel would want to play Bama.
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  17. Corona is gonna kill us all well before that.
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  18. I saw a chart on the news that said nationally 29% of covid deaths were in nursing homes and 59% were minorities. That's almost 90%. I'm avoiding nursing homes and not becoming a minority.
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. If you aren’t actively working on becoming a minority you are doing life wrong in this era. And it’s quickly becoming necessary to have multiple minority personas.

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