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OU player got his arse kicked.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. Anyone who has seen Roadhouse should know that smaller bouncers are the best.
  2. Now why'd you have to go and say thing like that??! :(
  3. [​IMG]

    Too early for look-a-likes?
  4. Or beautiful men who travel from town to town cleaning up bars and practice Tai Chi...

  5. Damnit
  6. He still had to bring in his mentor.
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  7. And got him killed for his efforts. What a pal

    edit- sorry for the spoiler
  8. Liquor in the front, Poker in the rear,
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  9. That dumbass OU Football player and his friend zoomed right through about 3 red lights before that ass whippin.

    Red light 1 - Little guy had blood on his face and decided to keep hanging out.
    Red Light 2 - Little guy smiled while dumb OU football player talked smack to him
    Red Light 3 - Litte guy had Cauliflower ear that should have tipped off the OU idiot that the kid he's mesign with has been around the block.
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  10. Anyone else watch the video more than 5 times? It's like rewatching the Rose or Peach Bowls...a lot of fun and the good guys win.
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  11. That kid has thus far raised like $30k. Raised his goal to $50k all of a sudden...
  12. I don't bother anyone when I'm out on the town, but when I see a small guy doing security I just assume they are some kind of ninja.
  13. Really enjoyed the drunk play by play.
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  14. Hi-hat Longe at TCU/ Berry had Charlie Davis (TCU and Cardinals D-Line) and his brother Don Davis tend bar and bounce.

    Not many drunk altercations would get out of hand when either would come up and place a firm hand on your shoulder.

    Just a "yes sir" would squeak out or so I heard.
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  15. NCAA violation?
  16. He’s not a college athlete.
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  17. I must be confused on who has the fundraiser. Although I could see the NCAA turning it into a violation either way.
  18. Hilarious comment on one of the OU boards...

    "OU players have better luck fighting women."
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  19. It’s the short guy that won the fight with the gofundme. But yeah, ncaa could find a way to darn up a free barbecue.
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  20. Inter species lovemaking.
    Or is it intra?
    No, inter

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