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OU player got his arse kicked.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. Looks like the guy in the Canadian tuxedo was the real instigator. Didn’t see Jones do anything that warranted that beat down, but then, when you lie with dogs...you get up with fleas.
  2. OU people defending OU players as usual:

    No player in the history of OU football has ever been in the wrong.
  3. No masks. You can almost see the Covid spreading.
  4. Wasn't there video of a UT player throwing a punch at a little guy in the middle of 6th Street? Turns out the little guy was <ding!> a pro MMA fighter, and he went completely Tasmanian Devil on the UT guy...
  5. Their thread on 247 is full of folks who see it for what it is.
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  6. former texas linebacker cold [ James'd ] a woman and roger huerta was nearby and it didn't end well for the longhorn

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  7. After wa
    After wallering on that floor, that is probably the least of their problems.
  8. These kinds of scenes have been going on all year. Everywhere. They just don't make the news. And basketball games are being postponed or cancelled because of contact tracing.

    If anyone thinks that is actually making anyone one bit safer........smh.
  9. Why can't this ever be two smoking chicks that end up tearing each others clothes off?
  10. Can’t smoke in bars anymore.
  11. 6’ 1” 195 hardly huge, but size hardly matters against someone that knows what they’re doing. I was in a bar in Chicopee, Mass. The bouncer asked a buddy to take his place while he went to the head. The bouncer was mayber 6’2” 275. The guy that took his place was about 5’10” 175. Some moron starts jacking with him about being a big bad bouncer. The little guy told him to cool off or he might get hurt. The Billy bad ass tried to slap him. Before I saw what even happened the jerk was on the ground with hiss wrist bent at a really bad angle the way it isn’t supposed to bend. As it turned out the little guy was the bartender’s little brother on leave after deployment from Little Creek SEAL base.
  12. Someone got smoked!
  13. At least this guy picked on a male...
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  14. Or TCU's defense. (Truth hurts, sorry)
  15. My cousin tended bar at Mo's out in Katy for 20-odd years. The bouncer he most respected was a Marine who wasn't large, or tall, but had presence. He said the bouncer instructed him, "Never hit them in the head. Too much bone. You'll break things in your hand."

    One evening, a large fellow was all worked up with some other large fellow, and the bouncer moved in to break it up. The larger of the two guys swung at him, and the bouncer ducked it and grabbed the large fellow by the fleshy part of the pectoral muscle where it goes over the armpit and pinched. Hard. My cousin tells that the large fellow immediately quit struggling, and said nothing but whimpers and weak, "Yes, sir!"

    "He had a look on his face like he was amazed that something could hurt so much!"
  16. So nobody pokes?
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  17. An old friend of mine from the old days was a 5’6” 145 pound martial artist who decided to make extra money as a 6th Street bar bouncer. He broke some aggressive drunks’ bones, but the wear and tear he suffered ended his bouncer gig. The drunks got in a few licks.

    The best bouncers are scary looking. Big guys don’t have to prove their stuff quite so often.
  18. Amazing what gets picked up on camera phones these days. I thought the Internet was a game-changer but camera phones? Wow.

    I thank God every day that neither the Internet nor camera phones were around back when I was a young man sowing my wild oats.

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