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OU player got his arse kicked.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. favorite part of the video are the three guys at the urinals who look over their shoulders and keep on doing their business after they see no one is going to roll into them from behind
  2. When he hits his head into the corner of the stall, he's lucky (not sure if the guy receiving or giving is more so) that he didn't break his neck.

    I avoid fights. Mainly because one wrong punch and his lights go out permanently and you're serving life for one punch.
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  3. Dude looked to his brother and said "which one you want?" at the two giant football players messing with them. Legend.
  4. Dang...all the piss the wallered around in.

    Love the weak backward punch attempts. Maybe he was tapping out.

    Hilarious the dudes peeing and looking back. The one guy turns around, gives a weak attempt to break it up and says screw it.

    So much going on there.
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  5. In 4 hours, it's already got 1.8 million views. Wow!
  6. Someone on Twitter said if the guy has cauliflower ears walk away quickly.
  7. Nothing like having your face used to mop a men's bathroom floor.
  8. I'm a Sooner born,
    A Sooner bred,
    Pick a fight with an MMA guy
    and you may be dead.
    Rah Oklahoma
    Rah Oklahoma
    Rah Oklahoooommmaaaaaa ... OKU!
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  9. TMZ article says Jones was named "Holder of the Year." I thought that was the whole Sooner o-line.
  10. Unfortunately the [ Arschloch] OU players lawyered up and are calling the other guys “assailants”
  11. Seems like College GameDay sign material to me....
  12. OU still has no Defense
  13. Obviously some [ #2020 ] went down right before they started filming but from the video it's hard to call the football players victims just because they got their asses kicked.
  14. I wonder if those two MMA guys have any eligibility left? Hey Gary........
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  15. Should stick to beating up women up there I guess.
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